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Originally Posted by Yetidragon View Post
Well the weekend saw the a lot of progress, and a few set backs.
The actuator for my waste gate appears to be broken.
And my wideband appears to be having some problems. In tuner studio it just shows 7.5 or 10.10 on the number in the centre of the ego gauge (volts?) , and on the gauge, it always just reads at the extremities of the gauge. On the physical gauge it only reads the extremities too.

It is an lc-1 and I know most issues with these are caused by wiring or can be solved with a free air calibration / reset. I currently don't have a laptop with a serial port to connect to it, but the calibration led isn't flashing any error code. I have followed manual details for reset and disconnected the sensor, turned on for a few seconds, then turned on for 2mins to allow it to reset and free air calibrate.

I know most common issue appear to be caused by the ground connection, so would like to confirm what I have done is correct as some of my source reading appears conflicting.

At present, all but 2 of the earth pins on the megasquirt and MS3x go to the back of the head. 1 of the remaining is used to ground the sensors around the engine. (as described in the DIYautotune loom instructions) the 1 remaining pin goes to the same earthpoint behind the dash as the lc-1.
Should they be earthed to the body? Or should the earth pin from the ms be providing the ground for The lc-1 alone?
The sensor has been bench tested and shown to be working fine on a friends mc-1
I'm currently seeking a laptop with serial port to connect to the lc-1, but would appreciate some feedback on the above wiring.
Thanks in advance.
Use the USB>Serial converter you use for the MegaSquirt?

Also I would take all earths to the engine, one random one to behind the dash seems an odd decision?!
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Originally Posted by richyvrlimited View Post
Use the USB>Serial converter you use for the MegaSquirt?

Also I would take all earths to the engine, one random one to behind the dash seems an odd decision?!
not got a converter, using MS3 with onboard usb port so didn't need to get one.
I have managed to get my old laptop to boot now though, so hopefully around that issue, so will have a better idea of whats happening tomorrow.

the one earth to the wideband might have come about from a missunderstanding of conflicting info i've read, along with other sensors just connecting to any of the MS earth pins.
Will try tomorrow with the wideband sensor earth connected just to the earth pin (rather than to the earthpoint too) then test again both running to same earth point on engine as the rest.

going to try and locate a replacement actuator tomorrow too, along with taking her to have her alignment done, and sorting out my insurance renewal.... busy day

may be able to get an hour on the rolling road on friday, which will be very nice
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quick update

I managed to get her to Japfest and back so the pressure is off for a few weeks untill a drag day early in July.

I changed the earthing points on the wideband, but it didn't make any difference to the response of the gauge or the display in tuner studio.

I connected a laptop upto it, and syncing to it seems a bit eratic. I have flashed the firmware, and changed the settings so both channels are acting as wideband outputs. but the settings don't seem to always "stick"

running in logworks (when it syncs up, which is even more eratic than the programmer) i can see that the LC-1 is registering changes in ratios, so would appear to be working, but again, the tunerstudio and dash gauge are not registering changes.

I have double (and triple) checked my wiring, and all seems to be correct.

I'm not sure if my LC-1 is buggered (esp with the erratic sync with the logworks etc) or if something else is wrong somewhere. It is doing this with 2 different sensors.

don't know what to do next besides re-re-checking my wiring and doing the same tests i have already performed, and then swapping out for another wideband.
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