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Default N/A AFR tables

Just curious, has anybody really used the AFR table generator? It came up with some waaaay different numbers than what I have had as a base line... I was playin around, thinking about rescaling the tables down to 105 kpa, since I'm probably not going to see >100kpa for a while now...

The left is what I currently have, minor adjustments from default in the cruise area. The right is what the generator gave me, with larger adjustments around the cruise area from what it originally came up with to suit my needs. The car actually runs really well, but I didn't quite understand why so lean across most of the table?

What do ya think?

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I've never used it The generator isn't so bad and close to the map I set you up with that I just did by hand.

are you going to add boost? Adding more fuel, like the generated table, past 5K between 70-100 isn't such a bad idea if not.

The map you have is the one I've used since like 2006; although im pretty sure I sent it to end at 200kPa, not 400.
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Na, no boost any time soon. Unless I find a crazy deal in the classifieds...

And 400 kpa is max on both AFR and VE tables...
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Hehe, 40+ PSI of boost must be fun

That generated map looks a lot richer across the map to me, seat of pants test in my miata says it likes to be leaner at higher map, like the left. When I tried the generator for fun, it gave me similar results.
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