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Default nb turbo ms2 pnp. ALRIGHT, who has a similar setup and has "tuned" their start up??!!

I'm still on the default setting for cranking and warm up enrichment.

I have a 2000 NB with a decent t3 setup. All I want is someone who has adjusted their setting to have "almost stock" like start (cold or hot)

I turn my key over and it is cranking for way too long and on top of that the belt squeels just about everytime for no reason unless it's warmed up all the way. (it's not the belt, I know this because i've swapped the ecu with the stock one multiple times in the past month and it starts just fine with the stock ecu, no noises)

Or when it comes to cranking pulsewidths.... should I be adjust the bars up or down??

Please if anyone has a legit startup, please shine some light on your settings so don't send my starter to **** and waste fuel.

Thank you

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Ok first of all, you don't need to create a new thread every time you start your car. I know it's harsh but try to contain your issues to one big thread and hopefully they'll all get answered there instead of ignored in 20 different places.

The main megasquirt docs page has very good explanations of how to tune things like startup. Start reading those and then come back and try to ask specific questions about what to adjust and give specific details about how your car behaves.


For example (freebie, this is not in the documentation):
Generally speaking, you can tell if you're too lean if the car is smooth but dies out after a second or two.
You can tell if you're too rich if the car sputters and struggles and doesn't die. Also you'll smell unburnt fuel.

The belt squeal is a point of contention between myself and Reverent but I had the same problem and lived with it until I found a way to fix it. I believe it's the alternator running at full tilt charging during startup and cranking (system voltage is low which makes the circuit charge) and the additional load on the belt makes it squeal. He says it's a loose belt. The fact that it doesn't do it on a stock ECU startup suggests belt tightness varies with the type of ECU used. Wat.
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