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Default Need help after "autotune"

Well, I was in my mspnp real-time display settings and I clicked on "autotune" and everything went to **** =\ I went from just about 14.5:1 afr to "too rich" on the LM1 I turned it off, went to the original basemap from DIYautotune and it's still really rich.

Any ideas on what happened or what I should be looking at?

I'm currently running 460cc injectors.
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When you went back to the original basemap did you setup your reqfuel again? Autotune can't hurt anything. If you don't click burn and just close the window, the adjustments it made go away. They're wiped from the ram.
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yeah, I adjusted the reqfuel again. I just pulled the sparkplugs and cylinders 2 and 4 are drenched in fuel and there's gas all over the ground behind the car. cylinders 1 and 3 are dry.
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how long have the injectors been installed?

i don't know how you dump fuel in 2 cylinders like that AND get fuel all over the ground like that with one problem. sounds like you might have 2 things going on there somehow

take the spark plugs out and get those cylinders dry, too much fuel and you could get vaporlock.

with your key in ignition and turned to on, open the diagnostic box on the driver side and put a jumper(paperclip) between F/P and ground. look for fuel leaks at the injectors or under the car where the hard fuel lines run from the tank to the engine bay. (you should have extinguished and cigarettes at this point).

next check your injector wiring to make sure none of them are shorted to ground.

next pull injectors/fuel from manifold and do the fuel pump jumper again to see if the injectors are leaking at the sprayer ends
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Be sure you've set the EGO settings for your wideband. If you accidentally leave the EGO switchpoint at 0.5 volts, it'll auto-tune your ECU to make it run pig rich.
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