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Default optimal injector opening time?

cross posted to the rx7 forums about the same thing since the injectors are originaly from one of those cars:

injector opening time - RX7Club.com

what im wanting to really understand, is how is this figured out, and what happens if you use too much or not enough opening time?

i currently have my injector openign time set to 1.1ms

I am not understanding if this time is how long it takes the injector to go from full close to full open, and then it is doubled when the injector reverses, so a total of 2.2 in my case Or is this the time that is takes to go from close to full open and back to full close, or make the complete cycle?

I have tred to change it before and i understand how it effected my entire tune, but i would like clarifacation on how the optimal time is set and why it would be that way

i think the diy maps had it set for 1.1, but im sure that worked well with the stock injectors
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For the 460CC high imp RX-7 injectors I found ~1.2ms to be the value (with MS2 its 1.185 for me) I found the value through switching from 2 to 4 squirts an back - if you get the same AFRs at idle for both you have the correct value.

keep in mind - it's " injector dead time" not only opening time - it's in fact opening+closing time.

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