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Default Pop on startup (and not what you think).

So I got the car running tonight, stock injectors, ~6psi, MS1 fully standalone, and the car hauled *****. After messing with the tune for about an hour, the car was running quite well, and I was very pleased, then the night of fail began.

So my buddy who was helping me tune suggested instead of messing with the stock injector tune we should throw my 550ccs since that is what is going to be in there anyway. So while he is working on the install, I go to flashing the highres 10G firmware. While doing all this the power supply to the stim, or the stim itself, decides it is no longer going to provide power, so I go to unplug my coils and do things that way.

Now, I flash the firmware, recreate the Easytherm values (wasn't sure if they would transfer) and reload my .msq with some of the cranking parameters changed as per the "First Winter With 550ccs Cranking" thread. I get out of the car and go to plug the coils back in and notice that those ******* were hot to the touch, damn. I then notice that they infact have two plugs on the back, not just the one on the passenger side. I cuss a bit, pull the plugs, and lay them on the valve cover. Crank the car and...they all spark when they are supposed to.

So now I replace the plugs, get in the car and attempt to start it, where is cranks for a second, catches, dies, then catches again. I have to use the throttle a bit to keep it running, and it revs a bit, then sounds like a full on spark cut only launch control at 1000rpm.

Now I've done this twice, and I don't really have the want to go out and do it again...but that is my story. Any ideas? Attached is the moddified .msq.

Also I reloaded the MS software during all this (previously had two copies on this computer) and now when I open it it gives me a list projects to select from first, where it used to not do this.
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you forgot the MSQ.
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Cept he said he reloaded his msq with new startup settings for 550's

Plus with all the default settings his car wouldn't have started in a million years

I think your coilpack has gone, the fact it sparked in atmotphere is a red herring, under vac is a whole different ballgame
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Oddly enough...it runs fine now.

I think it was a combination of fuel dumped in the intake manifold and the throttle stuck 1/3rd of the way.

Runs great now except for throttle tip in.
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