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Default is this the proper method for setting timing?

i have a brain built MS, is this how i need to set ignition timing?

"Once you start the car, the first thing you have to do it match the ignition timing! MS has no idea what your timing is so driving on your new ECU without doing this is potential for serious failure.
Start and idle the car and allow it to warm-up and stabilize.
Open up Basic Setup > More Ignition Options.
To adjust the timing you adjust the trigger angle, that’s it. No more rotating the CAS, this is same concept.
Change the “Fixed Advance” from ‘Use table’ to ‘Fixed Timing’, then make sure ‘Timing for Fixed Advanced’ is set to “10.0”. By doing this, you’re telling your Megasquirt to hold the ignition timing at 10° no matter what. This is essentially what you are doing when you would jump GND and TEN in the past. Since MS has control of your timing now, this is how you can lock the timing.
Use your timing light and verify the timing is correct. The timing mark should land on 10°. If it’s not a match, change the trigger angle a few points and try again.
Go to Tools > Trigger Wizard
Click + or – until your timing mark lines up to 10*. Once your timing light indicates 10° you have now synced the CAS position and the MS.
Back in “More Ignition Options”
Let’s make sure your spark hardware latency is configured. You can see by default its set to 0. You can verify by locking ignition timing 10°, which it should still be and then slowly running the engine from idle to 6,000 RPM while observing with a timing gun. If the spark tends to retard as RPM goes up, you need to add latency correction until it stays at 10*. This will prevent your timing from dropping in higher rpms.
Now, change the “Fixed Angle” back to “Use Map”. If you fail to do this, your timing will remain at 10° regard of RPM or load, this will overheat your motor fast and run very sluggish. If you go back out with timing light you should see you’re probably idling in the 15-18° range.
That’s it! You’re now ready to tune this baby up. You changed your timing back to “use map” right?"
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That's how I did it.
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All that timing **** is ******* overrated. Whoever wrote that has no clue what a ***** is for. Just go sign up for some Rexkwondo classes and use you timing gun on your girlfriend.

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I wouldn't want to take a round house to the face from someone wearin those bad boys!
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Originally Posted by DrewLGT View Post
is this how i need to set ignition timing?
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