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Default Questions for Best Setup Megasquirt Install

OK getting ready to install DIYPNP in 04 MSM with Little Enchilada tonight and have a few questions regarding the optimum physical setup, as there are some variables in how a few things can be wired in or plumbed for boost, etc. Hopefully this will be helpful in answering some questions in advance for anyone else getting ready to make the jump to Megasquirt as well. The install instructions are pretty clear and I could just follow them verbatim, however Id like to get the most efficient configuration possible.

Wideband: I know this has been discussed in many other threads but I am going to ask again for clarity as the grounding still seems vague to me. MS PNP Pro manual states that wideband should be grounded at the engine block near the factory ECU ground wire.
a. Where is this point exactly?
b. I have also seen some comments that it might be preferable to ground it back through the EMS itself. If so would this mean grounding it through the Pin A Sensor ground on Option Connector? If this is correct which method of grounding is better?
c. Analog input - Is it preferable to simply use the option connector pin, or to splice into the 02 sensor wire on the factory harness when 02 signal mod is removed? It is my understanding that both will work. Is one way better? (I don't need to pass emissions testing).

MAP signal/Boost source: Currently the nipple at the top-rear of intake manifold feeds my boost gauge and Bypass Valve. This will be MAP source for EMS and will share with boost gauge under dash. I do not plan to share with Bypass Valve.
a. Is the VTCS vacuum hose off the throttle body the best place to re-route boost source for Bypass Valve?

EBC Setup: I have deleted the factory EBC as part of Little Enchilada install and I plan to set up the DIY EBC Solenoid.
a. Has anyone been able to run this off the factory EBC Solenoid wires (this would be nice and clean), or must it be set up on the Option Connector pin?
b. With Flyin Miata intake the wastegate boost source is pulled from intake pipe coming off the turbo. Is this the best place to get boost signal or is it better to find a place after the Intercooler nearer throttle body/Intake Manifold when using EBC?

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