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Default ReqFuel Calc/INJ and IAT Newb Questions...

Ok, I've finally got everything to install my turbo and just had a few questions for you guys. First off, I've had my mspnp installed for a few months now but haven't really been tuning it very much. I'm currently still running on the MAF and have only made very small changes to the base map. With this said, as we speak I am installing the IAT sensor and 600cc injectors and will be using the MAF deleted basemap to start the car.

First question...
I haven't really made any important changes on the current map i'm using while still being n/a. Due to this I will not be exporting my current fuel table from the MAF map that I am running to the no MAF map that I will be using shortly.
Since I will be starting off of the base map, would I be ok just by using the reqfuel calculator to scale my fuel for the 600's or should I manually scale the reqfuel value off of my stock injectors. Will it even matter which way I do it since it will be off of the base map?

Second question...
I just acquired my FMII turbo kit that has the silicone charge pipes. I want to put my IAT sensor in front of the radiator to avoid heatsoak but there are no metal pipes for me to weld the bung to. I swear i've seen a pic of someone that had simply welded their aluminum bung to the cold side of the intercooler. Before I go ahead and do this I just wanted to make sure that that would not be any different than simply putting the IAT sensor right after the intercooler in the piping... Your opinions?

Thanks guys.
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