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Default Some noobish MS questions

1. So when I got my MS I tried to turn off open loop mode. I did what TSMS told me to do and set the open loop setting to zero for the TPS, even though it was in KPA mode (Which I just discovered now). That means it's been in open loop mode under boost the whole time.

Is there anything wrong with running open loop mode? I occasionally get a little bit of a stumble going into boost, could it be because it's switching to open loop mode?

Are there any benifits to having it on vs. having it off?

2. Also, has anyone managed to sucesfully managed to get the MPH readout working? Same question with traction control

3. And the last thing:
When I try to set up launch control the LC settings just act as a rev limiter. My rev limiter is set at 7600rpms, and it works perfectly. My LC is set at 3500, set to cut spark to 5*. When I take logs of boosted pulls with LC set, I notice a HUGE drop in power and the spark is cut to 5*. This is with the clutch fully out in gear. Any idea what is causing this? Faulty switch? I don't think it's this last one because I still have to clutch it to start the car...

Sorry, I know these are all noob questions but I'm curious.
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1: I wouldn't but it's up to you. Are you certain it's actually in open-loop? Is gEGO exactly 100 in the logs all the time?

2: No idea.

3: Logs and an MSQ would be helpful FYI, there are two separate clutch switches. The one that goes to the ECU is different from the one that engages the starter.
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Re LC, The problem I ran into is that there are 2 switches in parallel, the clutch switch and the neutral switch in the tranny. i had to disconnect the neutral switch and voila, the LC worked. The idea is that cruise control disengages (or doesn't engage) when
the tranny is iin neutral or the clutch is in.
Check the launch inpout in Megatune, make use it only comes on when you're on the clutch and not when you're just in neutral without the clutch.
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