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Default Squirting and sparking.....BRILLANT!!!

Well after my posts over the last 2 days I seem to have figured out my problem. Well I sorta stumbled onto it. I wanted to show my roommate my stumbling problem thinking he might know what was causing it. The engine wouldnt even turn over when we went outside. I look at the harness and one of the grounds had broken off. Thinking that was the problem I take it back inside and resolder the connection to the pin. Well when I get back outside and start to plug in the MS I hear something rattling around inside. I had put in a heatsink for a graphics card memory ship on the idle control mod and thought that was it. Little did I know....When I popped it open the CPU falls out.....Jaw dropping amazement passes, I plug it back in, and problem solved. The car is now running on the msq file kingofl337 sent me and its running pretty damn beautifully. It is a little rich to be on the safe side but only really blows out a little smoke when upshifting. So now I am ready to put in the turbo in a month. A beautiful day it will be

A HUGE thanks to everyone who has helped me and continues to help everyone.

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Congrats on being 'squirted!
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I don't know much about all that computer stuff, but I think the cpu is supposed to be pretty important.:gay:

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I had that happen to me too... The car wouldn't start.. turn out the cpu felt out of his socket.. Actually, it was just a little bit unseated, but enough to cause weird behavior.

I even put some tape on it...

Anyone else had this happening?
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Yeah same here, but not in the car, when I was moving it around for testing. What I ended up doing is soldering a pin on opposite corners to the socket.
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CPU is overrated!
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