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Default VE Tables

I just got my car running on the basemap a couple days ago and I've been tweaking the fuel table gradually getting it to where I want it. I think I'm doing it somewhat right becuase the car is getting faster and it hasn't blown up yet. I've got the "easy" parts taken care of. The car idles fine, it cruises fine, and makes WOT pulls fine. But it seems that there are some more difficult areas to get to and emulate with any consistency, mostly part throttle and right after a shift.

I searched for any VE tables posted and didn't see any, is this like a taboo thing that we don't show others or would someone mind showing me their's so I could compare it to my current table? I'd just like to get an idea where my map differs from a nicely dialed in map, and what specific areas I need to work on. We can even do it in private if you don't want to show everyone. PM or email ooo2[email protected].

If the tables are something we don't show eachother, are there any tips on how to get those hard to reach areas? Or do I just need to keep working at it?
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there are threads on this, but its the most basic, simple tuning concept...just make one.
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Regarding the after a shift part, if you're like me, each shift is followed by a quick full rich and then full lean condition for half a second before it settles back to a proper A/F. If that is the case, I can't find much info on weather that is normal or strange but FWIW it happens to me..

The areas of the map you are in during partial throttle are the area I myself have been focusing on tuning lately. I've found success just getting on the highway and doing 3rd or 4th gear part-throttle pulls at whatever pressure I want to tune for several times while datalogging. The resulting logs with multiple times of hitting those areas usually are a good basis to run the autotune on or to manually tune from. If you have a handy hilly area nearby, that's another good place to do pulls on while datalogging as it extends the time the pull takes so you can get more accurate data on exactly what the car is doing at every point along the way to redline.

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to what thepass said, you can somewhat correct the rich/lean yoyo between shifts by tweaking accel enrichment and decel. Also if you have overrun fuel cut turned on, make sure it is set to switch on after 1 second and not 0 that might help ... (though i have my overrun set to 0 sec).
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Thanks for the tips. I've been playing with it and part throttle is getting a lot better. Between shifts are still rough but I think it's improved a bit. Unfortunately the closest hill to south florida is a good 200+ miles away, maybe I can find some tall bridges to tune on. Once I get the map good enough that I'm not embarrassed of it I'll put it up a datalog and see if I can get some suggestions.
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