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Default Writeup- How to log EGTs with symtech lab module + mspnp

This is my first write-up so ill try my best, if anyone has anything they would like me to add please state so.

A "cheap" solution to knowing your EGTs

This circuit:

Megasquirt EGT Interface Module - SymTech Laboratories

It can be built if you want on your own, but i am not a master with a soldering iron so i chose to get the circuit already done for me. I wired mine into a mspnp9093. Which has the 3.57 board inside.

Step 1:
Open up the mega squirt, it should look like this:
Name:  IMG_0263.jpg
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Remove the computer cable looking thing, i dont know the correct name IDE? It just pulls right off the board. Directly up.

It should look like this:
Name:  IMG_0270.jpg
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Step 2: pull the board out, if you want you can solder the wire from the top and leave the board in place. I chose pulling it out and soldering from the bottom. There should be a few small screws, IIRC i think there was 5 or so. 5mm nuts.

Should look like so:
Name:  IMG_0264.jpg
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Now you can start warming up your soldering iron and getting some wire ready.
Name:  IMG_0265.jpg
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Next is to solder a wire to JS4- this picture is of some help but once you look at the board up close you will be able to find JS4.
MSnS-Extra Hardware Manual

Its one of the 7 verticle holes on the left side of the main chip:

Name:  IMG_0266.jpg
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Now i decided to wire my module from symtech labs under my drivers side of the dash. So i took my wire from JS4, which is the input off of the circuit and soldered the other end to an used pin on the center connector. Since i hadn't used any of the spare pins i chose to use #1
This picture will show you where each hole on the adapter board. (smaller board) corresponds too.
MegaSquirtPNP by DIYAutoTune.com

#1 is top left, #2 is one from left to the right and so on..

Then comes choosing a egt sensor. Any K type will work with that circuit. I chose this one:
MICRO-1000 EGT PROBES - 1/8 NPT from Aircraft Spruce

The instructions for the symtech module stated how to wire the sensor to the circuit. Very simple. Once wired up you can take the output off the symtech circuit and wire that to whichever pin you wired the JS4 to. For me that was pin #1. Top left of the center connector.

Now for the most difficult part. Remove the manifold/turbo.
Name:  IMG_0271.jpg
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Drill for the size of your egt sensor. For me and the one in my link thats 1/8 pipe thread. Make sure you use the proper drill/tap.
Name:  IMG_0273.jpg
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When hand tapping, make sure to go slow and remember to turn it back out every so often to ensure the threads are being cut straight.

Once taped install fitting:
Name:  IMG_0274.jpg
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Install your K type sensor in desired orientation:
Name:  IMG_0283.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0284.jpg
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While i had the turbo out i decided to replace all the hardware and safety wire the 4 nuts/studs holding the turbo to the mani. That **** is not comming loose on track now.

Once your done with the sensor and mani go ahead and put the mani back into the car. I chose not to fuss with flipping my 14mm wrench around anymore and customized this one.
Name:  IMG_0277-1.jpg
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Once everything is all back together and wired up go grab your laptop and plug it in, power the car to on and see if the sensor is working. Depending on what you like to view in megatune you can right click and select EGT to see your new sensor in action. If it works go ahead and fire it up. Make sure everything is working properly.

Now remember to put the MS back together. I opted to wait till i knew everything was working right before i put it all back together. Just in case i messed something up.

I think thats it, big thanks to savington for the info on what to do, matt cramer for all my e-mails and brain for the save on the 12 volt
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Wow, nice writeup!

Is there a drawing of that circuit somewhere? It looks as if it wouldn't be too difficult to make one yourself!

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