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Default FREE - Plug and play Airbag Light Defeats!

I've had this posted on ClubRoadster for some time now with great feedback, and I thought I would extend it to other Miata forums as well. Time to spread the love even further.

Too long, did not read:
Free, but I am asking for $0.66 to pay for the stamps if you want one and am also accepting donations to keep it going for future peeps. PM me, we will chit chat, I will give you my PayPal address.
Include in paypal payment:
- Real name
- Miata Turbo username so I know who you are
- Shipping address
- How many you're requesting
- What color (if you care)

As the title states, I am offering airbag light defeats for free! I thought it was really great that years ago Faded92Mx5 (on CR as far as I know) offered these, but unfortunately I did not need one at the time.

When I did need one, I ended up having to make one myself so I figured I would share the wealth with others who are not comfortable making their own, or don't want to spend $30 on a simple resistor.

My resistors are 3.3ohm, 1/4 watt. I have 100 of them, as well as 5 meters of shrink tube and a bunch of pretty colored wire. I paid for everything, but I am only charging you the shipping cost so it doesn't add up tremendously on me

Now I cannot guarantee any specific colors, but I suppose feel free to ask and I can try to put certain colors in certain envelopes. No promises.

Here are the applications as I have researched (correct me if I'm wrong)
89-93 with single airbag - Twist wires together, no resistor needed.
94-97 - You will need one
99-2005 - You will need one
2006+ - You will need two

Each envelope will include one resistor all wired and ready, also enclosed will be a nice comment, douchey comment, or crude joke depending on my mood. If you need multiple for the 06 and later let me know. Every resistor is soldered to a wire, and covered with shrink tube so there is no chance of contact bypassing the resistor. Each one will also only come as pictured with Pikachu - I will strip the ends, but you must figure out how you want to install and buy ends accordingly. I will point you in the right direction if you need assistance but the simplest way (not the best) is stripping the wires coming from the pigtail and twisting them together, then covering with electrical tape.

I have made these as small as I possibly could, while making them easy to hook up with crimps, solder, twisting, or connectors.

I make runs to the post office when I have the chance, so you may have to wait for a couple others to be ordered as well, but I will do my very best to get them shipped in a timely manner.

Here are some pictures of the process, and what you'll receive:

Each one will be tested:

Shrink wrapped and complete:

How I installed:

Now - I am not asking anything for these except that you pay shipping if you need it shipped (which I am assuming most will) considering stamps are the part that will really add up. I figure paypal is the easiest way, and stamps are now $0.46 + $0.20 stamp for hand sorting (I ran into quite a few problems with the post office) which is all I'm asking to refund my costs. I will accept donations if you are feeling so generous but I am in no way requiring it - this is a free product that I want to offer to everybody.

As you can see above I am located in Monroe, WA. If you're local and want one let me know and we'll meet up for a burger or something.

They are not all made up already, I will be making them in my spare time so be patient. I have the materials for 100 of them. First come first serve of course. If I have already made them and I don't have your color, you're SOL. Tough luck babe

Mods - if there are any problems with me charging postage and accepting donations, please message me and we'll talk about it. I do not believe this violates the rules/requires me to be a sponsor but that decision is not up to me. I haven't had any problems previously, but I want to ensure that I am not trying to disrespect/disobey the rules of the forum.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damage you do to your car, yourself, or the like. I am not responsible for the disabling of your airbag, this product is supplied to you in the assumption that you have already altered the factory airbag in some way. I will not be held responsible for any injury resulting from the factory airbag being disabled in the event of an accident.Always disconnect the battery when working with electrical. I am not responsible for injury or damage for these reasons as well.
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On the first run, I received a few inquiries with installation confusion so I put this up and it seemed to help. I figured I would show and explain step by step as well as I can right off the bat.

My vehicle is a 95 non M-edition. (Had) cruise control, torsen, A/C, all upgrades model.

So here goes: When you pull your wheel, there will be two plugs that will be necessary to unplug in order to remove the wheel fully. After, you will be left with this plug that you must cut off of the pigtail:

This is the pigtail after the plug has been cut from it:
Imagine in your mind the plug shown above still connected, and how it would be connected there. The wires connected to the resistor in my case are red, and grey. The horn wire is red/green.

The red wire and the grey wire are the two that you will bridge using the resistor supplied. The horn wire is a different story. The simplest way would be to strip the end of the red and grey wires, then twist one side of the resistor to each. Wrap each one separately to make sure they do not connect.

Here are the options I suggest instead:
From left to right: Butt connector, Bullet connector (female & male)

And here's a mock of how you would connect them in place of my blade connectors:


The easiest way I have found is to connect a butt connector to each stripped end of the resistor (one of each type shown instead of two butt, or two bullet):

Then, as shown in the pictures further above, connect one end to the red, and connect the other to the grey using a pair of crimps or needle nose pliers.

I hope this helps, if anybody else has different wires and figures out how to install, post up a picture here to compile any situation others could run into as well as how to combat them!
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FREE - Plug and play Airbag Light Defeats!-imag0407_zps9561ad02.jpg  
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PM sent! Thanks for the help!
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After I post this reply, I'll have 15 posts and I can PM you back.

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Very Good!!!!!!!!!!
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Do you still have these? I could use 2! Rebuilding a 1997 m edition that I bought wrecked. Both airbags were deployed and destroyed the windshield. 98000 miles with no seats, broken left rear knuckle, for $1000! All donor parts are coming from my rusty old 94.
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Weird that the newbie resurrected this thread and I had not seen it.

Is there any way to see the original pics on the thread?

I also need this solution and since I figure the OP won't have them I'll try to follow his original post.
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