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Default FS: T25 and T2 turbochargers

T2 turbocharger is an older style turbo with full c-clip assembly. Its a Garrett/AiResearch M10 w/ a T2 flange. Used on my car for 1k~ miles after the masterpower T2 burned its bearings, I loved the fast spool time but I wanted to be able to up my boost when I get MS. It is capable up to 10psi, and comes with internal wastegate, but the wastegate arm needs a clip... I just keep losing those. Has very little to no play. Spins freely, and passes the "house vacuum test" with no hesitation. Unfortunately, it needs to be sealed at the compressor housing, since the old o-ring is dead and I dont have another, so it also needs to be c-clipped back on as well.

.48 A/R compressor housing
.47 A/R exhaust housing

Unknown sizes on turbines, but small.
-What reads on the Garrett tag-
0J0427 P

-What reads on the exhaust housing-
(inside the exhaust outlet) 75-2602
(outside the exhaust housing, wastegate side facing front) A/R .47; M26

-What reads on the compressor housing-
AiResearch M10

$100 shipped

Next, I have a T25 chinacharger that I rescued from VTEC retards, and brought it back to life. It has under 20 miles on the turbo, until the douche bag detonated so bad that it gummed up the turbo with nasty sludge. Its life was horrible, straight from ilovetacotaco and into a 92' civic with no fuel management and proper boost set. I discovered it lying homeless and crying for help on the garage floor at the house of which its horrible abusive owners lived, and was having a yardsale that day (my mom's neighbor's house)... so I payed him 10 bucks and took the T25 home. I opened it up, cleaned the sludge with alot of WD-40 and a rag, chiseled the mass amount of JB weld used for sealing the feed line, drain line, compressor outlet flange, and water cooling ports. It was ugly, I had to flush out the chips of JB weld that surprisingly didnt clog up the tiny oil ports, quickly put the compressor back together, to connect it to a shop vac and spray K&N filter cleaner through the compressor blades, to clean it of garage debris. Then I opened it back up, gave it fresh internals, and put it back together as you see now! Unfortunately, the poor bastard of a turbo still has a scar, a small chip off the tip of a wheel blade, but it should not affect the turbo in anyway. If you want to replace it, go ahead.

-Horrible VTEC owners almost ruin turbo.
-I picked it up and took it home.
-Cleaned, and rebuilt.
-Spins super awesome, and standard new turbo play.
-Does have a minor chip at the tip of a wheel blade.

Yours for $130 shipped.
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FS: T25 and T2 turbochargers-imag0273.jpg   FS: T25 and T2 turbochargers-10-10-07_1409.jpg  
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seriously? No one wants turboz? ***** ****** BUMP YO!
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