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Default Greddy Turbo Exhaust Manifold for 1.6L 1990-1993

Replacement manifold for your broke *** one. Was keeping it as a spare, cleaned the garage this weekend and decided I'll just set my car on fire if the one I have on there now ends up cracking.

This one has no cracks in the usual spots on the bottom of the manifold or along the runners, and is untouched mod-wise (as in nobody did a shitty job with relief cuts or drilled out the threads). Now for some good news and bad news. Bad news first: two of the bolt holes on the turbo flange are in need of repair, and there is a hairline crack on the inside of the turbo flange. Good news is that the bolt holes have not been drilled out and/or re-tapped, so whatever your favorite method of repair is, you can work from an untouched piece. As for the crack, it's a hairline crack and it's not in any of the typical places you usually see these manifolds crack. It's an internal crack as well, so it won't leak.

Update: after looking at the photos, there may be a crack forming along the outside of the manifold around the turbo flange. I went back and looked at it and it doesn't look like it's even a crack to the naked eye, but the camera captured it better than I could see it. If it is indeed a crack, I can't imagine that it goes anywhere near all the way through - the manifold is pretty thick in that area.

I'm posting a link to full-size, ultra low compression pictures of this thing, so you can evaluate it for yourself. I also included close-ups of the underside (the most common places for these manifolds to crack) to show that there are no cracks in the bad spots.

Pics are here:

These things usually go for $200+ but due to the threads being in need of repair and the hairline cracks, this one is priced at $150. You pay actual shipping from 45069 however you want it to come to you. I'd have to double check but it'll probably fit in a large flat rate box.

Oh, and either PM me or email my username at gmail. The email option is probably best considering I get emails instantly on my phone and it's easier to reply there than it is here.

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