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Default Non-Miotta - 1G DSM Stuff - Denver - Driveline, Turbo, some Electrical

Posting here because even if the locals are not receptive, they are roughly twice as intelligent as average CL users in my area. I am in Denver and strongly prefer localish pickup. But at this point I will ship rather than deal with CL fucktards. I dont have paypal anymore, but I can probably set it up. If someone wants something they can let me know and we will figure it out. All parts 1G, though some are sort of universal of course.

Radiator and Fans - 40 - Radiator is heavily used. Fans look ok. I've never seen them run, if I am shipping these somewhere I'll test first. You get the rad, 1 stock fan bolted on to it, and two slim fans from who knows where as well. So 3 fans.

SAFC - 50 bucks - This was left by a friend in a bag over the winter, in a snow bank. Sweet. I think its OK, but I do not know that. I am totally willing to refund the buyer on this and half of the shipping costs both ways if it does not work. I am not even remotely motivated enough to install this on my NA and see myself. Pics available, its the SAFC 2 blue screen, but not the 'Neo'.

Genuine MHI Evo 3 16G Turbo, 2G Ex. Manifold, TiAL 38 External Wastegate, Evo 3 02 Housing Package - 300 - See pic - This fed a 1G stock long block 20+ psi all day. Turbo has very very minor radial shaft play, probably because it has been stored for a long time and has no oil flowing through the bearings. Manifold, turbine housing, and 02 are ported very comprehensively at the collectors. Turbo is a standard internal gate E3 16G, but the mani has been modified to accept a TiAL 38mm near the collector on the #1 runner as well. You can actually run both wastegates concurrently. It was a crazy experiment that actually went pretty well. No cracking yet and it has been through a ton of heat cycles. You can easily plug the external gate port on the mani if you want. The turbo and TiAL alone are worth the 300, let alone the mani and 02 housing. If you don't know the difference between a BOV and a wastegate, this is not for you. If you do it's a pretty sweet deal. TiAl 38s alone run 200+ all day new. Note, this thing will not work with AC as the EWG sits where the fan needs to be. Was a really really tight fit on my 1G, not sure on 2Gs. Without the EWG on there it's the normal OEM footprint. I will sell the Tial alone for 125, the turbo alone for 175, and the manifold for 30 and E3 02 housing for 50. The 02 housing comes with an 02 sensor as well BTW. Those can be pricey from stores, like 75 bucks IIRC.

1G Turbo Gauge Cluster - 20 bucks.
1G Non-Turbo Gauge Cluster - 20 bucks.

Starters- 3 of them - I have no earthly idea if these work or not. We can test if you want. They are probably fine. 30 bucks takes all 3. As in 10 dollars per starter.

1G Coil Pack - 20 - No idea on its condition.
1G Transistor Pack - 20 - No idea on its condition. Like the coil pack, looks OK. I have no way to test it. Buy both this and the coils and its 30 bucks total instead of 40. Take a look at what new transistor packs cost. If you can find them at all.

4 Bolt Rear Diff with Axles, Cups, 5 Lug Spindles - 300 - All of it. From my old 1G Laser AWD MT. Shop around for what 4 bolts are going for by themselves these days without axles and cups etc. - Sale pending but by no means sure.

T-Case - 100 - Came of my 93 Laser MT. Probably 23 spline. Let me know if you want me to count it up. No idea if the recall was performed or not.
1G AWD Front Hubs - 50 total for both. This is the whole assembly, not just the spindle. No idea what condition the bearings are in. Studs look good.

3 Motegi RT5 wheels with BFG all seasons on them - 4th was destroyed - 150 for all three. - The tires have a ton of life left. The wheels are so-so. Missing center caps. Matte Black.

3 1G stock Intercoolers - So-so condition, some dinged fins. Comes with some plumbing if you want it. 30 bucks takes them all. Yes, all of them for 30.

93 Laser Headlights - 30 total for both - Missing some of the little plastic cap things in the back.

1G BOVs - 20 each - I have two. Can come with plumbing if you want it. One I know is good, one is from a FWD Talon that can only be described as crap. First come, first served. I think both are good, they look fine. But I don't really know for sure on the second one. Hence 20 bucks.

Mirrors - 20 total for both - For some reason I have 2 left mirrors. They both appear to be from a 1G. I think one is from the Eclipse race chassis that's now sold.
Window Glass - 40 total for both - The rear quarter glass. One tinted, one not. Has a lot of the tacky adhesive stuff on there still. Good condition overall.

CAS - 2 of them - 20 total for both - No idea if they work, they look OK. One came from the worst FWD car I have ever seen. The other came from a box of parts.

Crank Pulleys - 2 or 3 - 20 for all of them.

AWD and FWD Axles - 20 each - I have a FWD left with a torn boot, and 4 fronts for an AWD car. Different manufacturers. They are in good shape. These run 50 buck a pop on a lot of adds. I am selling them for 20 to get them gone.

100% dead 14BTurbo - 20 takes it - Paperweight. Free with purchase of anything else. I don't know what they did to this, but I would not put it on any engine I cared about. Tons of shaft play axialy and radially. Its the axial play that kills things. Housings might be good. You could make a neat ashtray with them. The wheels may actually be good. No idea.

AWD Transmission with stock Clutch - 80. It's cheap for a reason. The trans comes from a FWD (yes, you read correctly) car that time forgot. I started dismantling that miserable POS and found out that this FWD car had an AWD trans. There was just no T-case attached. The extra output shaft was just sitting down there. So the center diff is probably fried unless it was welded at some point. It did drive though, and shifted so-so from what my driver told me when he picked it up. What you DSMers do to cars boggles my mind. I truly have no idea what this thing's story is. I just know about the aftermath. The bell housing has an entire bolt hole broken off. Not cut, not bent. Broken. I have never seen this before. I am impressed. I would not race with this bellhousing. I would use it for an outdoor grill. The case of the transmission itself looks OK. The clutch looks OK too. If you buy this for 80 I will throw in two front axles if you wish as well. For this price you can keep the clutch and axles, use the trans as a core, and come out very, very well. - Sale pending but not sure.

I also have stuff I am forgetting to mention too, so let me know if you are looking for something odd. I might be able to help.

Totally Random - Toyota 22R Manual Transmission RWD. I think its a 4 speed, might be a 5. 100 bucks either way. Probably off a Celica, maybe a pickup. Not sure.
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