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Default "Project Banshee" Part-Out

So, some of you may remember my build "Project Banshee". If not, feel free to search. It has been one hell of an experience, but I'm tapping out of the car game, likely for good. We finished building the entire drivetrain, flare the fenders appropriately, and nearly get the car prepped for the entire setup. Once we dropped the transmission, rear end, and rear exhaust, we realized that the entire tub and some of the panels were rusted so badly that there is no saving the car. Unfortunately, because of the way we molded in the fender flares, there's also no saving those either. Due to the circumstances, I've decided to part out the car entirely, hopefully earning enough in the process to purchase another car. I know you guys will hate me, but likely a Mustang. Lol. So, the parts are listed below, which I may add to later. I also don't have pictures of EVERYTHING, but they will be up by the end of the day, so please bear with me... All parts located in Spartanburg, SC.

Fully Built Race Engineering VVT engine:
This is one crazy engine. Bored .46 over to accommodate the larger low cr Wisecos.
Eagle H-Beam rods.
ACL bearings.
ARP Rod Studs
ARP Head Studs
ARP Main Studs
949Racing Heavy-Duty Double Valve Springs
949Racing 1mm oversized valves.
03 Miata Windage Tray to decrease flex at high rpms.
Heavy porting and polishing done to the head.
Bell Engineering Built Oil Pump
Gates Blue Timing Belt
Titanium Valve Retainers
*Really, the only thing this engine might need is a set of cams, but I wanted to keep the stock VVT setup due to the advantages when turbo'd.

Asking $5k. (it cost me nearly 8k--9k to build this engine with all parts and machine/assembly). Not looking to ship, but will at buyer's expense.

2001 5-speed Transmission w/ Miataroadster Short Shifter Kit and stock shifter.
For those of you that have tried this short shifter, you know it is WELL WORTH the $300 price tag. Easily my second favorite upgrade to the car (after the exhaust). I'm asking $450 for the transmission and Short Shifter Kit, and I'll throw in the stocker to boot. Transmission has ~200k miles, but has been fully inspected and is in good shape. Not looking to ship, but will at buyers expense.

2001 4.3 (I believe) Open Rear Differential. Roughly 200k miles. Never had any issues and felt pretty solid. $150 complete with pumpkin. Again, would prefer not to ship, but will at buyer's expense.

4.1 Torsen Type II complete with Derlin Bushings. This was the rear end that I was going to use for my turbo build. it is in PERFECT shape as far as I know, despite it having ~100k miles. It was torn down and inspected, before I bought it, and was given a clean bill of health. I never got to install it in the car. Asking $750 for the complete diff with the bushings. Again, due to the size, I would prefer not to ship, but will at buyer's expense.

2001-2005 MS3X ECU built by "Braineack" on Miataturbo.net. He does a fantastic job and is INCREDIBLY thorough with all of his work. I was very impressed with his work and I'm more than a little bummed that I won't be able to use this. He wired in an extra PWM switch to be routed to the brake pedal so that it could relay the brake signal back to the rear wing for adjustment. Never even got to install and test it . Comes with complete wiring harness, and the appropriate IAT sensor. Asking $750 shipped to CONUS.

Black-Top ITB Setup with 1.8L Miata Adaptor and gasket. I was hoping to have both turbo AND ITB's on this build, but we never got around to building the custom intake plenum to make it work with the intercooler piping. It is still one hell of a setup. Already calibrated with a TPS installed and ready to go. It will need filters or velocity stacks. I opted out of purchasing those with this kit because I did not intend on using them without the turbo. Asking $850 shipped to CONUS.

BRAND NEW NEVER USED GARRETT GT2560R DUAL BALL BEARING TURBOCHARGER. REALLY upset that I never even got to hear it spool up. It still has the white marker on one of the compressor wheel fins. I'm not sure what size spring is in the wastegate, but I believe it is a 14psi spring. Asking $800 shipped to CONUS. (Was $1200 from the factory.)

HKS Log-Style Turbo Manifold. I don't believe this was ever used. I bought it "USED" from a guy that totaled his car before he ever got any of it installed. It's a great manifold with nice, thick walls to prevent cracking under the heat/pressure. Very few of these are still circulating around, because iirc, the price was too high from HKS and Flyin' Miata was able to undercut their prices with an almost identical design by a few hundred bucks. Asking $300 Shipped to CONUS.

Also have some misc turbo parts such as BOV, parts for a custom DP, etc. If somebody wants to take the entire turbo setup (don't have intercooler or piping yet. We wanted to finish the custom intake plenum first) I will let the entire package go for $1600 shipped to CONUS.

G-Force Oil Cooler and Oil Filter Relocation Kit. BNIB. Comes with black braided steel lines with red anodized fittings, all brackets, the 10 row oil cooler itself (also black) and the two adapters for the oil filter (one for the block and one that holds the filter itself). This is a REALLY nice setup. Asking $225 shipped to CONUS (Cost $300 new before shipping).

High-mileage 2001 VVT engine with all accessories and IM/EM. This engine has nearly 200k miles, though it is in VERY good shape. Always well maintained. Asking $1100 for entire package, ready to go. Again, due to size, I would prefer not to ship, but I will at buyer's expense.

Miata Roadster Coolant Reroute kit. This is a FANTASTIC kit that really helps lower the temperature in cyl 4 (back of the head). Due to the fact that Mazda originally designed this engine to be mounted transversely instead of longitudinally, they had to relocate the original thermostat when they decided to use the 1.8L in the Miata. While this is not a major issue if driven civilly, it can result in MAJOR issues if the car is ever tracked. This coolant reroute relocates the thermostat to a remote housing using a block off plate for the front of the water neck and adds a different housing to the rear of the head. The coolant is then routed to the thermostat via the rear housing, and then is circulated around the cold side of the engine bay back to the upper radiator opening. VERY neat kit and I saw a significant improvement in my coolant temps and response when coupled with my 3 core radiator. Includes all silicone piping, remote housing, block off plate, low temp thermostat (only used for about 500 miles), and rear housing. Asking $200 shipped to CONUS.

Triple-Core Aluminum Radiator with Fan Shroud. This is a custom radiator that I had built by a shop locally. It is INCREDIBLY thick and holds nearly 2.5 gallons of coolant by itself. Even in SC with temps reaching in the mid 90's in the summer, I NEVER overheated while tracking the car. The entire setup is quite large, so I will also be including the mounting brackets that we had to modify to allow it to fit into a stock NB. THIS WILL TAKE UP A LOT OF ROOM IN THE FRONT OF THE ENGINE BAY, BUT THERE *IS* CLEARANCE FOR IT. Asking $500 for the entire setup shipped to the CONUS.

I also have quite a few small misc parts that I will throw in a grab box. $75 takes the lot. I'll post a picture of the randoms.

There may be other parts that I am forgetting or missing. I will be parting out my entire car as well, so please check out the other "For Sale" subforums. if there is something you need, please email me @ [email protected] as I have a feeling my inbox here will be full rather quickly. Thanks.
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