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Default MSPNP2 NB1 Not starting up

Hello all, just got an MSPNP2 and got it physically installed. I figure I'd do it right and learn to MS before I boost (don't want to butcher stock wiring harness). I read through the manual many times and I'm at the point now where I check the timing on the car to make sure it's at 10 degrees. I changed the ignition table to run at a fixed 10 degrees but the car doesn't start. I also tried starting it up before I changed the ignition table also but no avail.

Later this week I'll verify it's getting spark and fuel before jumping to more conclusions but wanted to get some more input on why it might not be starting up? I bought the PNP version specifically so it would be a quick swap in.

Anyways, the car runs fine with no codes on the stock ECU. The car is a 2000 with a racing beat intake, 01+ header, and exhintake mod. I read that generally speaking, car should start up on the base map if it runs on the stock ECU. Firmware on the MS is 3.3.1 (at least it says that on a sticker on the box).

Sorry for the noob-ish post but I searched and didn't really find anyone with problems on a base map. Thanks in advance
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Can you post a data log of an attempted start and a copy of your MSQ?
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Upon further inspection, I found a broken wire. Most likely the culprit. Sorry for wasting people's time
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