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Default 1.8 clutch for a 1.6

I was just wondering if i was the only one running a 1.8 ltr clutch and flywheel on my 1.6? If so whats your setup?

My setup:

1991 1.6:

1.8 ltr ACT lightened flywheel and full face clutch.
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I'm running a 1.8 Fidanza with RPS Sport and 6 puck sprung on a 1991. Holds great, but in reverse it grabs and clangs until it locks up. Also have the Fidanza "buzz" when decelerating with engine braking hard.
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Nope, folks have been doing that for years. I've got a 1.8L Spect Stg. 2 on a lightened shaved 1.8L flywheel.
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This topic goes on monthly at m.net. You might know all this already, but allow me elaborate for those who don't.

The 1.8 clutches at each stage will hold a little more than the 1.6's... but at the expense of weight. The 1.8 StageX clutch is dimensionally a little bigger and weighs more than the 1.6... and the stock flywheel weighs more. I don't know exactly how much. It can't be more than a pound or two. But when the idea is to go lighter (for better spool in turbo cars), every pound counts.
In fact, a lot of 1.8 guys will drop in 1.6 setups to shave a few pounds. Shaving a 1.8 flywheel like Bripab did is recommended if you're going that route.

Unless you're on the edge of power for a particular 1.6 clutch, the 1.8 is nice, but not necessary.
For example, the Spec Stage 2 1.6 holds 239ftlbs, the 1.8 holds 275ftlbs. If you've only got a 160ftlb motor, why pay more and go heavier with the 1.8? But if you've got a 235ftlb motor, the 1.8 might makes sense as you've got a little more headroom for growth or abuse... should still have it shaved.

I got somebody at m.net to give me a 1.6 stock flywheel for free (just cost me shipping). A shave job might be $80-$100... still less $$ than to purhcase a lightweight aftermarket model. But now I don't have to wait a day or two while my flywheel gets resurfaced and the car is up on jacks. It's ready to go in a soon as the old one comes out.

I think the real advantage to going w/a 1.8clutch would be with a stock motor. I've been able to slip my stock 1.6 clutch since new. A free flywheel and a $100 1.8 economy kit from Rosenthal with a little extra clamping power would be a nice upgrade.

Again, just info for others...
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