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Default Begi S6 trade

Hey guys I currently own a stock turbo 2004 Mazdaspeed. I had an offer to trade my old miata for a semi-complete full v-band Begi S6 kit. What I would be getting is the manifold (the steel version), a GT3071R, the oil and water lines, and the downpipe. I realize there are a lot more things needed to get it running properly but I intend to start tracking this car more and more soon, so replacing it with a full v-band setup would be a good idea right?

Tracking the stock turbo heavily seems to be a bad idea because I don't believe you cant put inconel hardware on it, which I understand from this forum to be the only way to properly track a turbo, unless you can get v-bands.

I also realize the 3071 is a pretty big turbo for a stock engine, but even if it doesnt spool until 4k, my current stock ECU turbo doesnt spool until 5.2k so it would be a big improvement

The part list I have so far to complete this kit the right way is as follows; let me know if I need something else.

1. Bigger intercooler (in the works)
2. Bigger injectors (in the works)
3. External wastegate
4. ECU
5. Plumb an intake
6. Plumb the new intercooler
7. Exhaust after the downpipe
8. BOV
9. Oil drain line (will this fit up to my stock MSM oil drain??)

My main question is if the kit is worthy of my time? I consider the value of my trade car and what I would be getting to be roughly equal so thats not a big deal. I just dont want to get it if it will not help me track reliably on a stock engine.
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Not trying to kill your upgrade dreams, but I'm pretty sure with a little prep, the stock turbo can be tracked fairly successfully. Mr Hyde knows how to do it and I believe this is part of his solution.

Inconel hardware that will fit our stock M8 turbo hardware.

1990-1996 Nissan 300zx OEM Turbo to Downpipe Stud

1990-1996 Nissan 300zx OEM Turbo to Downpipe Bolt
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All I want is to be reliable on track. I'm only considering the trade because I heard v-bands were supposed to be the best.

So all I have to do is get those bolts and the stock turbo won't fall apart on me? That is pretty awesome. The only question now is the stock turbo supposedly can't control boost past a certain point, do you know what that point is and how to fix it?
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there is a thread on here specifically about tracking MSM setups.

I suggest you read it.

It will pretty much answer any questions you have

obviously if you still want the ABSURD3071 and have the money to complete the setup, go for it. its baller
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