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Default FM Link ECU for 1996

Hi guys,

I'm thinking about buying a FM Link Ecu for my turboed 1996 1.6, but was wondering if there is any reason why I couldnt use a Link that was designed for an older car like the 90 - 93 model.

I suppose the reason I'm asking is because I might want to buy second hand and the links aimed at the older car seems more plentiful.

Can ye think of any reason why I couldnt install the older model instead and save myself a few hundred bucks?


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You should call FM and ask them. I'm not sure when the 1.6's went to sequential injection over there? So the wiring mabe a little different.
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The links are pNp and since the harness changed during those years it would no longer be pNp. Some of the sensors send different voltages too, so one ecu won't "understand" signals from the sensors from another. That said, anything can be made to work with some time.
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I am not 100% sure, but the 1.6 after 94 (na) have the identical ecu output.
There are small differences like 4 wire oxygen sensor.Or a diff cat...But that will not be the problem.
The other sensors are identical to the 89-93
Check the ecu to be certain.
There are wiring scematics all over the internet.
(Do'nt know the site)
FM might be able to help you... But i know they don't have the 89-93 link anymore...
They are very helpfull.

(1.6 after 94 are eu and japan only... The usa and australia got 1.8 only...)
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Old 11-03-2007, 05:55 AM   #5
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People here in Norway have made it work by relocating wires in the ECU conector.. I am trying ti find out if the same will work for MS PNP...
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Old 11-04-2007, 05:23 PM   #6
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Well thanks a lot for your help guys, to be honest I'm no expert at wiring, so I'll probably just bite the bullet and spring for a new one. There would probably be less headaches in the long run!
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