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Default Greddy Problems

Hi Guys,

A bit of transatlantic advice needed if you dont mind!

I'm driving a 1996 European 1.6 with a Greddy TD05 turbo, trust intercooler, fuel pressure regulator and 1.8 injectors.

I have been having a lot of problems with detonation in the engine lately. It was first mainly in 4th and 5th.

First thing I did was drop the timing way back but the detonation is still there.

I thought that it might have been the spark plugs as the ones that I was using weren't the right ones for a turbod car.
No joy with the spark plugs changed them on Sat night and the engine is still detonating in 4th and 5th.

I don't know what to do at this stage. I put in a boost gauge and its only running at 4 Psi. the set-up I have should be good for 8 Psi.

Two other problems as well, when the car is cold the fuel delivery isn't great into the engine, it seems very "chuggy" for around 30 seconds and then its ok, its like as if the choke is very slow coming in.
This only really started happening when the fuel pressure regulator went in.

Finally, do you know of any blocked - off air lines out of the manifold at the back of the engine? About a month ago the car started sounding unhealthy, as in the revs would drop to around 300 and then shoot up to around 1200 to stop it from stalling, and then drop back down.....
I showed it to the guy who installed the turbo and he said that there was a plug or hose after coming out of the back of the engine, and that was what the problem was.
He couldnt find anything loose back there that should have been connected, so just plugged it with a bit of hose and it was fine.

The same problem is back again now, so I guess his hose is after coming off. Do you know of anything that should have been connected there?

Well there is my short story, any advice welcome and appreciated.


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The plug on the back of the intake manifold was used with the automatic transmission and boost will blow the plug off. Clamp it on and your good.

You say FPR but nothing about knowing what FP your running. You should be making sure your getting enough FP to cover the amount of boost your running.
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I checked there and its set to 60 Psi at idle. That is a bit high isnt it? That would explain the cold start problems, but would also mean that there should be enough fuel going through the lines for the amount of boost that I am running?
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can you post some pics of the setup Hugh?
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