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Default ACJS Round 1 Race results.

All Classic Japanese (pre 1990 ish) series...

Wow, what a stress full day. 21 cars entered and only my 2nd ever Car race meeting.

Went out in Practice/Qualifying and car was going really well, the new enhanced MS2 was working well (initially), the EBC was working well and seemed like it came up on boost quicker/easier, possibly due to not being so pig rich as it was with the old school Link ECU. Felt like I had 10-20% more torque and on my new 15x9 6UL's the car felt amazing.

Except along the final climb up the main straight. At high revs in 4th, 5th and 6th the car was softly lurching, I looked down at the AFR and see random split second lean spikes of 16 - 18 did another lap with no change and had to pull in.

Disconnected EBC re routed waste gate pipe, pulled fuel filter and had a general poke around plug leads etc and tried again in race one, my lap time from qualifying was a measly 1.23 (best is 1.18.6) which put me in the last 3rd of the standing start grid.

Did 2 laps and had to pull in again, same problem. Couldn't really understand and was all set to pack up and go home (pretty depressed) when my nephew and team "mechanic" suggested we reinstall the old link.
Took me about 40 minutes to finally agree and pulling all my new, seperate grounds and wiring,m re wiring the AFR and boost gauge etc...

Got the car running (eventually) and rushed out to the 2nd race. In the meantime I had tried to get the handicapper to reset positions to be based off my usual laptime but they said it was too hard/too late....

Started about 6th car in the now 17 car field and ended up finishing first by about 20-30 seconds! Fun but a hollow victory. Probably wont get points as I would have beaten my handicap sample time by over a second.

3rd Race checked they had gotten my current best time for the handicapping and started about 10th or so of now about 15 cars, starting 41 seconds down from the first guy.

I was doing a rolling standing start with a pretty quick Honda on the inside of me, Idecided the only way to not get caught up in a battle was to banzai the first corner and try for the out side pass, fortunatley it went to plan and I managed to out brake him slightly and cut in front on the exit...managed to get throught he field pretty cleanly and then managed to pass the last car on the last corner (after belatedly realising, no, I wasn't catching up to a lapped car and to leave him be! what dumbass )

For a legitmate first win!!!

So excited, was really pleased as I managed to drop my best time of 1.18.6 to a 1.18.2 in the 2nd race and again down to a 1.17.65 in the 3rd with the Nitto tyres not even coming up to Temp (was so busy worrying about the ecu forgot to take pressures etc....tyres look like they are still new!)

So for a pretty badly starting day it turned out fantasticly.

Big thanks to all who particapated in my mad, last minute threads the past week.

You tube video to come.
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Sorry, I have no idea what has happened to get it embedded twice here.....
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