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Default Hubs: What are you using, what have you used?

Similar to the tires thread hopefully, but here goes. I searched around and found a few threads, none with any real information other than hustlers thread, but it also contains a lot of oils discussion.

I have a set of Drago super-pimp hubs that are going on the car. Id like to have a minimum of two sets of rebuilts to keep in the trailer.

So far, Ive come up with:
1. Timken ABS - currently $80 on Knock ABS ring off and go to town with rebuild and repack.
2. Timken non ABS - currently $91 on No ABS ring to deal with, but otherwise the same exact hub
3. Duralast/Moog/Raybestos - Best I can tell, these are all the same Chinese made hubs that range in price from $40 to $80. Some with different seals than others (i.e. metal vs rubber)
4. Mazda OEM - $texas
5. Blueprinted hubs - Ive seen these ranging anywhere from $100/hub to $200/hub. I have a set of Drago hubs that I bought from someone getting out. They are known to be one of the better ones in the SM community. My experience with them is that they spin much more freely than some of the other rebuilt hubs I have seen. Not sure why.

I know Hustler loves his cheap Chinese hubs, which may perfectly meet my needs when rebuilt, but without being able to put my hands on them to verify heat treatment and seals, Im a bit apprehensive about buying those online/eBay. I got a full year (10 events) plus 3 events out of my fresh, untouched Timken hubs, and if the ***** are in good condition, I may repack and keep as spares. Id like to keep my rebuilds to an "off-season" activity if at all possible, hence the need to tackle this now and not have to worry about it again until next year.
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I use Timken repacked with Amsoil 2000 grease. I put them on before our 24 hour race and they are still in good shape. If you order OEM, you will get sent Timken hubs BTW.
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National Bearing Co in the rear, China-hubs up front, packed with AMSoil 2000.
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Default Spinning hubs

It doesn't too much matter how well a hub spins by hand, unless you're checking one that's just come off the road. Grease viscosity while cold...

FWIW, on motorcycles we would cut the seals out and run Red Line assembly lube instead of red moly in the wheel bearings. They spun real good when we did that. . Of course that's not something you'd want to do on your daily driver.
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