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Default Rotella T6 vs Castrol EDGE (application specific, not a swordfight!)

So, currently using T6, heard that Edge stuff is better for track oriented driving and has a higher film strength, can withstand more pressure, etc. Anyone used one and the other and see any notable differences in an oil analysis? Price is similar, not looking for extended intervals, just protection for hard use (20psi boost up to 7500rpm).

Still have some T6 but not enough for a full oil change, so I was considering switching to the EDGE stuff upcoming change, and just using T6 to top off if I need to, or I'll just give it to a friend. Unfortunately my only Blackstone results with track miles on them won't be back till AFTER I change the oil, so that's why I'm asking those who might have done it before

Bearing clearances are .002 on rods and mains. ACL Race Bearings used. FM Oil Cooler installed, as well as coolant reroute (hear it helps keep oil temps a smidge lower too). Currently using 5W-40, considering the same for EDGE, or there is a 10w-40 available too. I don't have my water lines hooked to that OEM sandwich plate since I removed the front water neck and installed a Skunk 2 TB, so I don't wanna go too thick and have it not warm up quickly enough.

I am asking for my specific application, not for this to turn into a dick-swinging contest about oil in general. Thank you guys!
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According to 540Rat's testing, the current Castrol Edge isn't anything special. If you're looking for better than Rotella, check out Pennzoil Platinum Ultra or Amsoil Dominator.
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Speaking as a guy who did R&D for a bearing manufacturer and ran stuff with a developed fluid film to failure... I like 540Rat's testing procedure, it gives great results for comparing oils for applications that will fail at places like lifters. It does not say squat about what will keep rod or main bearings alive, however.
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moot point & fwiw with apples to oranges. Currently using Castrol GTX on my msm and I will say never again. Never tried EDGE but after using GTX conventional I'm switching to Amsoil next change. I would of rather ran T6 over GTX.

From a price perspective, from what has been spent on the motor I don't mind using higher quality oil.
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