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Default Safety Harness

Does anyone have a good reference for safety harnesses? My head is about to spin with the multiple rating scales. Re certification, etc

I'm to the point where I really don't feel comfortable going around a track at the speeds my car is capable of doing with the stock seat belts. I like my old saebelt camlock but it has expired.

What would you guys recommend for HPDE events? I'll probably wait until I solo at the next event because I think you have to have the same equipment for the instructor that you use. I don't want to buy an extra belt and then use it for a day. My expired one is perfectly fine for around town if I felt that I needed to go to that extreme on the street. This belt won't be used on a daily bases. I'll use stock seat belts when I'm driving around town and remove the harness.
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Get an FIA belt. It holds cert longer than SFI belts. My OMP belt is good for another 4 years.
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G-Force Pro 5 or 6 point with camlock. ~$150 at SafeRacer. Just bought my second one.

I do not know how it is in your area but here tech does not check the expiration dates on harnesses for HPDEs from what I have seen.
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Old 08-29-2010, 07:45 PM   #4
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ALPCA checked, but the biggest issue for me was that you had to have identical safety setup for the instructor. If you had racing seat and harness, you had to have one for passenger as well.

I look further into chin to see if my old harness will be ok.
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My only advice is to get a HANS harness if you plan to get a HANS in the near future. I'll go with Crow next time over Simpson.
I think cam lock is a must. Wrap the harness if your harness bar is welded in (so , use you don't have to safety wire the eyelet/hasp), the stock seatbelt hardware for the belt, and a bolt/hasp/ for the nut-strap (hook/eyelet is too tall for the seat). You also want a 2" steel reinforcement plate for the nut strap because it takes the heaviest load in a crash.

You also want to look at where your genetic legacy sits in relation to the bottom seat hole...if its close you may want to do a 6-point. I have a massive package for the record.

Cover the harness when you're not using it to protect it from the sun.
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