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Default Best clutch choice for supercharged 91

I'm leaning toward getting an ACT extreme street clutch kit for my 91 jrsc miata with the big boost kit, but am looking for some advice. The previous owner replaced it recently with a stock unit, and I think the flywheel was not resurfaced, the rear main may be leaking, and it slips when I really get on it. Anyway, I'm looking for a streetable clutch that has good grab that isn't a pain to drive around town. A stiffer pedal feel would be good as it's fairly wimpy right now. I want to get something that feels beefier, does not slip, and I probably don't want to do this job twice. Thanks for any advice. I may take the car to the track once or twice, but I doubt regularly.
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A tad overkill, but I think the FM stage 1 would be a great choice.
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i wouldnt go crazy. you wont see anything higher than 200whp so anything stage 1-2 will work fine and keep the car nice for dd
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Really like my ACT Stage 1.
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I'm going to guess you are not making more than 165hp. If so consider the Centerforce dual friction, I just put one in my street car with same motor but at 6ish psi.

Drives like stock with same pedal height and engagement, barely higher clutch effort, holds full boost, doesn't chatter with 2nd gear engagement, sustains the few drop clutch launches I have done. Replace the rear main seal and front tranny seal while you are at it, you might also need to do the turret oil, bushings, boots thing while you are in there.
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Originally Posted by viperormiata View Post
A tad overkill, but I think the FM stage 1 would be a great choice.
Indeed it will. I'm probably making a bit more power than the OP and the FM stage 1 is great. I've hit terrible stop and go traffic in the DC area with it and thoughts of suicide were no stronger than when I've been in the same gridlock driving my truck with an automatic.
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In generally the same position as the OP but thinking about adding a light flywheel to the equation. What are suggestions? How light is too light considering some street driving and the momentum needed for the supercharger idle droop issues?
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I have the FM stage 1 clutch and the FM 13.5# flywheel. The clutch I would recommend to anyone. It is a fine product. Excellent modulation and the pedal effort is very close to if not the same as stock. Ms. Mobius didn't notice any difference there.

Regarding the flywheel: I don't have any idle droop; the rotrex doesn't have a lot of drag at idle anyway. But the engine does decel very quickly now between shifts. It's not really possible now to make lazy shifts. You have to upshift quickly or you look like a scrub. And that's not really a problem, it's just a characteristic. I notice it most now when I drive my wife's Forester. It takes me a number of shifts in it to slow the shifting down enough for the revs to match.

So, if I were doing it again, I'd save the money on the lighter flywheel. It's not necessary on a supercharged engine.
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MSM stock clutch with a 1.8 flywheel (perhaps lightened?).
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