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Default Bigger Brakes Track review (BMWmini wilwoods)

really just a continuation from:

Its just that the garage vary title isn't accurate.

So on with the review. I spent the last weekend at thunderhill raceway. Fun, repaved since I was last there a million years ago.

The brakes...amazing... I had the brake ducts going to them, and quite frankly I could heat them up until they smelled but could never induce fade. Albeit I really didn't start hammering on them until the middle of day two. (going from stock 1.6 brakes to these, I had to really get over the fact that I no longer had no brakes, leap of faith kinda thing)
Then it got into a point of how late could I brake, later and later and harder and...ooh the car would start dancing.

Well I had stock sway bars on my 1990, and my koni race adjustables were frozen on full soft. If I bring up some pics from blue milk (photographer) you can see the sway and compression. I tried like mad to turn those little adjusters dammit...

Lets see, RX-7 rear brake calipers suck...I will definitely be going the 6 pot F, 4 pot R route unless I can find another suitable rear caliper. Its just that the 6 Pots are so cheap...

Carbo tech pads, xp10 up front and xp-8's out back. Felt like a street pad on the street, Waaaaaaay dirty, or dusty or what ever you want to call it.
Nice and easy to use on the track. May have even been better with out the brake ducts.

Lets see, the motor..hmm, yeah, I need a thicker bigger what ever radiator. That was my limiting factor. I had to turn my boost waaaaaaaaaay down to 8psi just to be able to run more than 3 or 4 laps. And even then it started over heating at about lap 8.
And then completely over heated on sunday...dammit.

Tires, NT01 vs R888. When cold the NT01 (full tread) is better, when hot and going to the limit, NT01 will let you know sooner (squeal) before it releases.

When cold the R888 (Near full tread) feels like a greasy street tire. When hot the R888 grips better under long lateral G's, hard braking and quick transitions.

Thats all for now, I am going to see if anything is on blue milks site (pictures)

I am the red miata #7
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