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Default Bleeder Valve Broke!

Hey guys, I spent today fixing a brake hard line that had a hole in it and when I went to bleed the brakes, both of the rear bleeder valve nipples broke off. My car spent some time in Indiana for some harsh winters before I got it and it seems to have taken a toll on many things. I wasn't even using a lot of force, had actually just started to turn my wrench and it broke off. Vice grips aren't working to get it out either, anyone have any ideas besides drilling it out or getting new calipers? Any help is appreciated.
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Since it's a hollow shaft that shouldn't be in with a lot of force, I think this would be an ideal case for easy outs.

Just go easy. You won't get any warning as to when they'll snap, they'll just snap. So if you encounter a lot of resistance, stop.

Once they're out, used compressed air to blow the shavings out, you can usually take it apart without ruining seals and such.
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Cool, that is what I had in mind but was going to talk to my friend's dad tomorrow and see what he said. Old school hot rod guy usually sets us straight when we hose something up.
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You can try what Curly said but I'd give it maybe 50/50 chances... sometimes those things just weld themselves in place ( I've always suspected it's the constant heating/cooling). I've had race cars where I personally gently tightened the bleed valves in the shop and they were next to impossible to get loose after they came back from a race.

Give it a try... you could get lucky.
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Had the same thing.
Solved it like this:
Leave it in some lubrication for the night.
Then, degrease with some solvent. Let it dry!
Slide a nut over the little piece sticking out.
Now weld the nut in the hole on the bleeder.
Let it cool down an try to open it.
It just snapped like 10 times before it got out, but every time you weld it, it gets hot and gets a little more loose.
It works on most of the broken bolts too.
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