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I agree with curly - I was thinking that a cut-off input shaft would remove all of the questions from the alignment job. Will try again tomorrow - thanks for all the help.
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Finally fixed it this past weekend.

I realigned the clutch to what I considered 'perfect' - almost no friction in removing the alignment tool.

The transmission never did 'pop' into place - I had to use screws on opposing sides to drive the transmission onto the block.

Runs great, though.

Thanks to all for your help!
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Originally Posted by 2cheap View Post
Please forward any info ion the "nice" alignment tool.
Originally Posted by rider384 View Post
In for info on the nice alignment tool aswell...
I'm not sure where to get the REALLY nice ones, I just know they're blue and solid. Just about everything my uncle uses comes off the back of a SnapOn truck though.

The one in the garage now has worked very well, and it's a black plastic one from Rosenthal. Miles better than the hollow red atrocity that comes in the eBay kits.

Good to hear you got it though.
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A few things worth the re-mention-
Buy a junk trans to cut the input shaft off if you plan to keep working on Miata's. If not, I take a large bolt that fits into the pilot bearing and wrap it with electrical tape till it fits in the pilot bearing snug. Then go back a bit and start wrapping with more electical tape till that portion is snug with the disc splines. Its worked in a pinch a few times for me when the autoparts store is close or we're out in the boondocks.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use a C-clamp or try to suck the trans in with bolts. You might get lucky a time or two, but you stand a good chance of cracking the bellhousing, stripping the holes, or trashing the clutch disc as you make new splines in it. I've seen all 3, with 2 happening at once on an A4 Quattro. When lined up properly, it'll slide in like a hot-dog down the hallway. As said before, throw the driveshaft in and put it in 5th. When someone is around, I have them wiggle the driveshaft back and fourth while throwing the trans up. When alone, get the trans close, hold it with one hand while wiggling the DS with the other and pray it goes in soon. The Miata transmissions aren't bad, but the T56 gets heavy in a hurry when your on your back.
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Especially if you're working alone, the $60-ish transmission jack from Harbor Freight is worth getting. Being able to tilt/angle the transmission while on the jack, and being able to strap the transmission onto said jack securely, is definitely worth the money.
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