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Post high spring rate revalved bilsteins vs ASTs

Has anyone had a chance to track both revalved bilsteins on something like 700/400 or 800/500 as well as ASTs? If so, any opinion on them?

I have non-adjustable bilsteins valved for 450/325 and have tried 750/400 and it pushes pretty much through the entire turn and on exit. It also doesn't settle as nicely after the bumps. The 400 in back is probably too low and I could try 450, but feel that it's not going to fix all the problems. Reasonable options seem to be:

1) Get 450 springs in the rear and deal with it.
2) Attempt to get my 3 year old revalve discount for the bilsteins and try 800/500.
3) Open the wallet and bend over to get ASTs. Sell the bilsteins.

I'm leaning towards (3) because I'll save some weight, know they work, and won't have wait for a revalve, but it's hard to convince myself it's worth the $$$. Thoughts?
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I had FCM revalved billies. My xida's are a class above in everyway, shape, and form. You cannot beat these coilovers unless you are a genius or know one willings to make the calculations for revalved koni race, or penskes, even then i doubt the results would be that much better.

I now have 2 local ftd's and one 2nd place where I was beat by a 900 lbs go kart with a 1000cc engine on hoosiers while i ran a bolt on NB with xidas and rs3's
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I have 700/450's on revalved bils and can't say enough great things about them. I have not had a chance to ride on XIDA's yet but I may get a chance soon. I am happy with my set up and the amount I paid in total VS AST/XiDA. I DD the car too, and the valving is more than street friendly and great on the track (2 track days, hill climb and various autoX under my belt with the new susp already)
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One way to tune out the push in front may be to use a 100# or 150# tender spring with your 700# spring. That softens the initial spring rate until the tender compresses.

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I'm running 750/450 on FM AFCO's and have been very pleased with them. I've ridden in AST shod miatas, but do not recall what rates they were running. both feel great.

The AFCO's are awesome over bumpy sections of track. Unfortunately, I was at a pretty smooth track when I was in the AST equipped car, so I cant comment too much about the bumps, but the body control was really nice. It felt like he was running more rebound damping that I run.
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I have revalved bil with 550/350 springs and have driving my friends cars with Xidas.

Hands down the best handling miata I have ridden/driven in. Smoothing that a stock miata on the road, but it just hugged the course at the autoX.

With that said bang for the buck I dont think you can beat the bilsteins. If I were competing purely for points though....
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