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Default Leaking (weaping?) rear brake junction block

Hey all-

I recently replaced my rubber brake lines with Track-Dog stainless lines. Now I've got a leak ar the rear junction block. It's a slow leak about 1/4" in reservior over 600 miles. I'm loosing fluid, the junction is wet with blue fluid, and I noticed a little spot under the car yesterday. So I'm not driving her until I get this issue resolved.

I'm a pretty savvy car guy and this was a pretty straighforward install. I torqued the fittings per the enthusiast's manual. Filled with Superblue and bleed'd...

Thus far what I've done to address the the leak was double checking the torque of all the fittings at this junction. I'd shot for the middle of the suggested torque spec during install (12-16 ft-lbs seems to stick in my brain). When I noticed the leak, i re-torqued to the upper end of the spectrum. I was using a personal Craftsman microtorque, less than a year old. Not the 'most' accurate tool, but better than a calibrated elbow.

i think I'm leaking around the fitting on top that runs to the passenger side rear brake?? I will be pulling the whole shebang out tonight cleaning fittings (brass brush and brake cleaner), inspecting all parts, reinstalling, and bleeding. I'm going to try to mooch a snap-on techwrench for the evening...

Any tips? What should I look for?? Thanks in advanced for your wisdom...
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Well, she's fixed today.

The hard line flange wasn't seating correctly between the fitting and the junction block. Cleaned, retorqued... no weeping upon pedal smashing.

I'll keep and eye on it...
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i just finished removing my old lines and installing ss lines from track dog racing. i have the same leaking you had, plus another leak where the hard line meets the ss fitting on the Left Rear line.

gary told me to hand thread that top line (coming from left rear) into the junction box before torquing it down, which i did. however i still have a pretty steady leak.i know for a fact that i did not cross thread this fitting.

so my 1st attempt to fix the leak, i removed the 2 nuts that hold the junction box to the frame, put washers behind the junction box on the two bolts that hold it to the chassis to give some more room. re-attached the top line to the j-box and the j-box to the chassis.

upon pumping the brake pedal, fluid began to come out of the top fitting once again. this is when i also noticed a small amount of fluid coming out of the left rear line where it meets the flanged hard line.

either i don't know what the heck i'm doing or these lines just poorly made.

help please
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