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Default Removing rear lower control arms.

So my buddies and I are in the process (today, right now) of installing new bushings, dampers, and springs in my '92. We've got the front all done and buttoned up as well as the rear upper control arms. However the long bolt in the rear lower control arms which attach to the hubs/spindles/etc won't budge an inch (the one that's 19mm nut, 21mm bolt). We got the nuts off and the bolts are stopped dead.

Any suggestions for getting these off?

So far we haven't gone as far as removing the axle nuts/brakes, we were hoping not to. Is this what we're missing?
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Can you spin the 21mm bolt head? Tried using a penetrating solvent? You don't have to remove the half shaft to remove the lower control arm.
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Those can be a major pain on street cars, especially if it has seen salt. Try soaking with a good penetratant (which has never worked for me in this case), torching them to heat not cut (works 1/2 the time) or lastly using an air hammer on the nut end where the bolt has a dimple to break the rust loose while hitting the 21mm with an impact gun. The later requires new hardware obviously.
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Good Luck. IIRC I had to cut the bolt at each end where the arm meets the sub frame. I was replacing all of the bushings, so when I got the arm off I burned out the bushings with a torch. obviously had to order new bolts.
I think I used a sawzall to cut the bolts.
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Ended up getting it off easier than expected. We used an assload of PB and then a big breaker bar with a cheater pipe to get the bolt to spin freely. Once it got spinning smooth enough that I could turn it with just a regular ratchet I used a claw hammer and chisel to tap it out. Work for both.

Unfortunately we were in the home stretch of the install and realized one set of sleeves in the Energy Bushing kit was wrong. At first we thought maybe we put one in the wrong place, but I checked the dimensions with a caliper and the sleeve should have been:

P/N: 15.10.541.39, dimensions: .875" OD X .562" ID X 2.270" OAL

What the four supplied in the rear control arm parts bag were:

1.001" OD, .555" ID, 2.465" OAL

None of them came close to any of the sleeves on either the front or rear parts sheets.

Not a big deal, this isn't a daily driver so it can sit until I get in touch with someone about getting the correct sleeves.
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I sacrificed the bolt getting it out. I took the biggest hammer I could find and hit the threaded side a good 50 times with the car at above head level. As hard as my arms could swing, and it barely started to move. Did both sides that way, obviously needed new bolts.
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