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Default What Shocks For That SMOOOOTH Ride?

I have a 99NB base model. It has 142K miles on the original shocks. The rear shocks are 100% blown out (oil visible from the boots), and the front suck but aren't actually blown (I think). The car has stock suspension right now. I just measured the height from the center of the wheel to the bottom of the fender above it. Front was 13.25 and the rear was 13. That's with 1/8 tank of gas and no driver. The car sits really low IMO. Are these numbers normal? Could bad shocks make it sit lower?

Anyways the ride sucks. I want it to ride more like a Cadillac than a truck. Here the roads suck and I'm always hitting the bump stops. It hits the bump stops even on small bumps that you would 'think' it would not hit on. Even when I don't hit the bump stops the ride is still kind of harsh. With the blowing of another rear shock, I have now acquired a rattle from the rear suspension in recognition of my drivers side shock kicking the bucket. It's quite annoying and I'm now considering shocks. I want something that will make it ride GOOD. I know shocks can make all the difference. Put some expensive shocks on my 89 Camry few years back (replacing the originals at 140K) and it drove like a new car afterwards.

From my searching it seems Koni is good. Tein is great. What I'm after is a smooth ride, not a race ready machine. I read people change their bump stops too. Would that help the ride or make it worse? What other things should be addressed to improve the comfort of the ride? I don't care if it helps or hurts the car's handling. I don't push the car in the turns. I simply want it to ride smoothly. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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I have been researching this for my NB. I'm going to use the Tokico Illuminas and FCM bumpstops. Good middle of the road shock, price wise. Dialed back to 2 front, 1 rear with good bumpstops it is supposed to ride softer than stock shocks. Keeping the stock springs as well.

Check with FCM as they have different stops depending on your use. I put the bumpstops on the NA and they were nice on rough roads, but went with the cheap KYB non-adjustable because it was a $1,200 NA. They were $209 shipped for the set. Illuminas are around $400 for the set.
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For this kind of setup I constantly see Illuminas recommended as a cheap replacement with great valving for a smooth ride, even with stiffer springs.
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I have FM's and Illuminas, and the car rides great.
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Originally Posted by cjernigan View Post
for This Kind Of Setup I Constantly See Illuminas Recommended As A Cheap Replacement With Great Valving For A Smooth Ride, Even With Stiffer Springs.
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Originally Posted by naarleven View Post
WTF? You actually took the time to rape cjernigan's post into that incoherent mess of capitalization?

This Is Not How You Write Because It Makes It Hard To Read.

+1 Illumina's for oem replacement.
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