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Default Your tire opinion per motorsport

Coming from the discussion from Soviets build: I thought of an idea of a mass collection of what you're people choose and for what reason/ use.

I was wondering what choice of tire you would run given which motorsport.

[Motorsport] - [Tire]: [a description of why it is your choice]

As I know most either autox or track a Miata. There are some that want to see their drag times, to reach his own.
What's already known: Drifting - cheapest shitty ties you can get - it's a waste anyway and it'd be a lot of money to do new tires for that ****. Because we all love drifting right?

Please keep to a discussion and not epeens. I'm sure since this a thread of mine it will fail as I'm not the best at this stuff. but I like to have a massive amount of info available for anyone who may be interested.
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[Snow/Winter Daily] - [Bridgestone Blizzaks]: [Because in snow, the car handles like it's on rubber rails. You might get the occassional wiggle, but you'll always be pointing AND traveling in the intended direction and speed.]
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Auto-x, DOT. Hoosier A6, duh. I really want to try the BFG R1S but they dont make them in the right size.
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Daily driving

Tire of choice:
All seasons like a boss

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Originally Posted by 18psi View Post
Daily driving

Tire of choice:
All seasons like a boss

Specifically, the take-offs the customers tell me to scrap.
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The best drag racing set up for a Miata for the fronts are Mickey Thompson 22/4.5-15 on a 4" wide wheels.

For the backs, it depends on your gear ratio and power. You want the smallest tire to get the job done. There are a few tires that are appropriate. I run Mickey Thompson 22/8-15 on 7" wide wheels. It is still a little too much tire when I am running N/A. I bring up the tire pressure to compensate if it bites too hard. More powerful cars would need the 24.5" tall tire, and racers going for glory would need to go taller and 8" wide wheels.

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HPDE - NT01. It's really a great tire and, IMHO, impossible to beat at the price.
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