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Default 2003 Miata Track/AutoX rat Build

OK. So when I first joined in 2011.... I initially had not done anything really to the car. But I started learning from everyone. buying something here or there. Reading a ton.

I have not REALLY posted on here, Because A: You guys are known for being hard on new members, and B: I don't want to waste time with a stock Miata build thread. This site is like a Really big Book of knowledge. I try not to come in a post things, because generally there are answers already in place. (Search)

But I have decided as I am getting close to getting the car Running again after quite a long time down I should Go ahead and put a proper build thread up.

So Here it was the day I purchased it. Ref. 2010

Now since then I have purchased/Sold/Traded Quite a few parts as I did for a while live in Atlanta, and MX5atlanta was great for doing those things.

Anyways Fast forward to more current.

That was the last AutoX I attended in atlanta a little over a year ago. At this point in time i was running with the following mods.

M45 Supercharger kit @ 159.9 WHP 144.4 Tq
F1 stage 3 clutch and 11.7lb flywheel
Buddy Club racing Spec Coilovers revalved by Fortune
15x8 T&R Unknown offset

Now As the car sits currently.

Yay! I love tapping oil drain lines!

This is the current "Mock" Setup for the moment, its not done but the car wont be moving anywhere for another month or so as I am now waiting for MS3 from Rev. So the "Mock" setup I have will have to be changed because I want to remove MAF, install the boost controller, and install the new IAT when it arrives.

I purchased from a friend a Complete MSM Turbo Kit with FM/ect. Bits. Which should yield me somewhere around my power goals. I want to eventually get to ~220 WHP and with MS, a better intercooler, and bigger injectors.... I feel that is a realistic Power goal with the IHI turbo I have, and not quite enough to for sure break crap(IE Trans, and Diff).

But I would be happy to ~200 ATM when the MS3 kit arrives before better intercooler and injectors+MORE bewst.

Anyways. I hope you guys like the car, and hopefully not everyone disagrees with my choices and power level goals.

Thanks and Im sure in the comming weeks more pictures ect. well be posted as I continue to redo the intake and install MS + Other bits.
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2003 Miata Track/AutoX rat Build-10366165_10152153417223358_7491138233238451140_n_zps681dfd75.jpg   2003 Miata Track/AutoX rat Build-10391425_10152155541988358_6296992317150381324_n_zps16a9f5a5.jpg  
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So I ordered MS3 "Basic" From Rev. I am hoping to get that by July. I also just came across a Good deal on a Single diaganol roll bar and a set of lotus seats with brackets from a friend. Its going to be a while because of his schedule to get the parts up to me. But Im cool with playing the waiting game.

Plans are to get the car back onto the road, and run 8PSI. I am hoping to learn more about MS as I go and if need be go to one of the only shops in Mn that work with/tune MS.

I will continue to update this thread as need be just incase the one bored sole comes in here and wants to read...
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