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Default 93 space grey 1.8 swap winter rebuild

Whats up guys, I'm getting some pressure from a few members to update my build thread, so I'm starting a new one here! I'm going to keep it short and sweet.

Link to my intro:


Ive had my 93 for almost 3 years, I pulled it out from a field, and got it to where it is now. PO had a liking for big chrome 17s and style bars, so thats what i started with. I will start off by saying i'm doing the best i can with a college budget! So I pulled the car off the road about a year ago for boost, this was the setup. My dad is a welder, so we decided to fab EVERYTHING. We made the manifold, downpipe, exhaust, ic piping, it was a budget build, and I learned a ton.

Link to my classified ad for pictures of that stuff:

Currently the car is on 15x8+15 traklite octanes, with hardtop, Paint is BMW space grey, custom rollbar, and all the usual bits and pieces.

The original build consisted of:

*Rb25det stock turbo
*custom Manifold
*Custom Exhaust (my dad is a welder)
*Starion intercooler
*redtop rx7 injectors
*megasquirt v1 pnp
*Aem uego wideband 02
*prosport boost gauge
*aluminum rad
*Bmw variable tps
*ebay bov

A few months after I got that running, I blew the oil seal on exhaust port if the rb25 turbo at an autox at roebling road. I made the decision to the much more popular, easier to find, and overall better, s13 t25 I got from shiuend. We modified the manifold and made a new downpipe to make that work.

Fast forward 6 months or so, pcv valve blows ( yea I know, stupid mistake not to do something about this beforehand ) and the little bullshit breather on the valvecover clogged with oil. This pressurized crankcase, and oil starved the motor. Spun a bearing, Knock knock...

Right before this happened, I bought a cheap 94 torsen miata, got it running, and sold it for a good bit of profit. So this gave me some spare cash to do a "WINTER BUILD"

Lars and Schuyler talked me into a 1.8 swap, so I found one of those for cheap, and tore it down to bare bones.

I then talked Schuyler into selling me his tubular manifold, so he could go with a mkturbo setup.

Now I have all my parts back from machine shop, and started building my 94 motor
Felpro gaskets throughout,
acl race bearings throughout
Sealed power rings
Prototype of schuylers coolant spacer for my reroute ( review to come)
same sr t25
Lots of little ****.
12-14psi, depending how ballsy im feeling!

I also made the jump to buy some brand new bilstein hds, amd coilover sleeves. Im undecided on spring rates, so I am using ebay springs as a benchmark. We also made a set of tophats

I figured it was stupid to put a bigger motor, running more boost, and better suspension without touching the brakes.
So flyin miata stainless steel brakelines, new pads, new rotors, and 1.8 caliper mounts on all 4 corners!

The car also got a turbosmart mbc, greddy oil breather can that I baffled and vented, mazdaspeed motor mounts,

I went with a -an oil return, braided ss feed, fuel hose for water lines, and gates silicon heater hoses. Everything on the hot side is covered in firesleeve. That stuff is so cool!

and yes, thats a 1.6 throttle body, on a 1.8 intake mani, with no spacers

Ill update as I get the motor in, but this is basically where she stands right now!!
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