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Update time!

So college started and hit me pretty hard but i've had some mods in the pipeline for a while and every weekend I make sure to wake up early to get some mods and maintenance done before I go to work.

First up were these bad boys. Hella Sharp tones. They sound more melodic than the Super tones and they're very loud. I was tired of getting cut off by rich suburban moms in their BMW X5s and Audi Q7s on the freeway. I thought for just a second "Straight pipes or new horns" and then I realized how much I like general living in the car and so I bought the horns. $25 on amazon.

My fender-side soldering setup. I used crimping for some connections but I prefer splicing by soldering. Its my trusty Trak Power TK-950 that I bought when I got serious into electronics. 850 degrees Frankenstein baby.

Splicing into the stock horn wire to run it to the new replay. Using automatic strippers makes this a heck of a lot easier as you just let the tool move the insulation away instead of pulling and flexing with basic strippers. I like to splice and wrap a really long part to make sure it's a solid connection. I also like to use lots of flux to make sure everything gets a good flow of solder. Like paint, prep in soldering makes all the difference.

So my car didn't come with ABS so I had an un-used fuse location. So I stretched out a .250" female spade connector to fit the fuse tab in the fuse box. It was already powered with 12v and this allowed me to run it under the fuse box for a super clean look. I then ran it through some grommets in the firewall and through the wiper cowl. Red wire coming off is the power wire before I hid it.

So the proper way to wire in the 2 horns to prevent burning your car to the ground is to power the new relay with a fused 12v source and trigger it with the stock horn wire. Green wire goes to the new horns, red is power, yellow is trigger and black is ground. really easy stuff.

Hidden in the stock horn locations. Mine came with only 1 on the right side, but a quick run with a tap into the left hole cleared out the rust and revealed nice threads that I could use. I also hit the support with a wire wheel on a dremel to ensure a good ground for each of the horns.

She also DESPERATELY needed a upper and lower shift boot. The upper was non-existent, the lower barely hanging on by a sliver of rubber. I ordered this from Moss back in July but they were getting new ones in stock.

Let me take a sec to give some love to the guys at Moss Miata, I got a notification that the shifter rebuild kit shipped and it was at my doorstep the next day.

I also got the upgraded one with the 5X Racing shifter bushing.

While I was in the turret I changed the fluid and I changed the transmission fluid too. In went some Motorcraft XT-M5-QS magic unicorn tears sauce. While I can say I feel a difference, the most obvious one is in cold shifts. So much smoother. And doing freeway on-ramp pulls the syncros just seem to pull it into gear.

Also got washer nozzles that spray instead of squirt. Easy $10 on amazon for both.

Quick comparison. Easy 5 minute install.

Got one of those 3rd brake light flashers and a 3rd brake light LED bulb. I was cruising with some buddies and he had one of the flashers and the moment he hit the brakes I was like "WHOAAAA" it caught my eye. Labor day sale on SuperBrightLEDs meant 15% off, I figured why not it's $5 and the bulb is like $12. They sent the wrong bulb though so i'm waiting on the new one before I install. The old one is out but I just used the trunk light for now. Its a 921 for the 3rd brake light but a 194 fits.

Carbon Miata speaker covers also came in.

Mmmmmm more vintage looking ish. Looks so clean and nice. I went to ace and bought all new M4 stainless hardware to mount it up too.

Until next time guys!
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Have you installed the washer nozzles yet? I want to replace mine because they suck and the rubber seal at the bottom is dead. OEM ones are like 20 a piece locally around me.
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Washer nozzles (from the Tribute, I think) are fairly cheap on ebay. Makes a world of difference, and they snap right in. Replace the tubing and connectors while you're at it, as they get old and crack apart.
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Just use the part number on the package for them. The old ones have the silver ring around the hole and the new ones have the square hole. It makes a huge difference. Mine came with new rubbers and they dropped in perfectly.
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