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I'll be running very low boost, to keep my injectors and engine happy. In fact I'm very much looking forward to a much more drivable car, even with less power. I'll be patient until I find a good deal on some 440's. There's been some good deals on 305's lately that I've had a very hard time turning down. Go big or go home!

I don't actually have COPs yet. Well I do, but I haven't installed them, I'm still on stock coils and ignitor. I keep saying I'll make the harness and install them, but haven't. I've tried a bunch to grind down my spade connectors to make them clip into the Toyota plugs I bought, but I've have constantly failed. Ideally I'd go to the junk yard and cut off 4 pigtails and use them, as they're not something I'd like to see fail on the track. I have no idea what the dwell is, they're Toyota Denso 90080-18016 if that helps at all.

**Edit: Just saw someone wrote "'01 Corolla 1.8" in sharpie on the side too.**

Hustler, like I said that oil cooler mount was very temporary and is now slightly angled to be more in line with the bumper hole. I still don't like it though. I also want to get another 90* fitting and cut the passenger side hose and make it shorter. They come both the same length, but obviously one has to be the length of the oil cooler shorter.

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Dunno if anyone is still watching this but, well, I don't care. Here are some updates:

Final final COPs harness:
Name:  photo4-2.jpg
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Name:  photo5-1.jpg
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Name:  photo7.jpg
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Pigtails bought off eBay with extensions soldered on
Weather-pack connectors bought from
the end is wrapped with electrical tape, however from coil #1 to about where it passes the intake manifold is wrapped in this:
Repair tape - X-Treme Tape - Duluth Trading Company
resistant up to 8000 volts and heat resistant up to 500*F, amazing stuff.

Finished switch panel with labeling, just cause it looks bad ***.
Name:  photo6-1.jpg
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14" daisy fail, but required since the R888's previously pictured are now on the previously pictured 15x7 Enkeis.
Name:  photo3-3.jpg
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More or less final MS install. Right after this pic I shortened the MAP line so it didn't hang down below the DB37 cable. I plan on wrapping the harness a bit to both cover up all the colored wires and to replace all the zip ties. Floor will also be cleaned and painted black like the driver side is.
Name:  photo2-6.jpg
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So it's coming together nicely. After having the exhaust welded back on along with a flange to remove it for track shenanigan, bolting the center console back on, and putting $30 NAPA brake pads on the front it's actually a nice streetable car again. And I'm actually having fun in it for once! Just need to get it registered, please see this thread:
and throw out some ideas/opinions for me making my 1.6L environmentally friendly again.
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Great build man, keep it up
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It's motivating to see others getting this much work done.

Looking good...
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