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At least he got a better camera. The makeshift speaker is take it off!
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Originally Posted by zoneorigins View Post
Im currently still reseaching what suspension setup i want to run so no rush in getting rid of the rims. I have the money but id like to spend some more time reading.
Search "better bilstein e-bay coilover" on this site.
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I have a much nicer looking solution for your speaker problem.
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So i finally got my **** together and decided to make my car run and "feel" faster.
First off the car was very floppy due to this:

So I picked up a set of Fm rails and installed them with a friend.

They made a really substantial difference to the stiffness of the car.
I then decided to focus on Refreshing the motor and transmission.
Picked up new:
-Full gasket kit and waterpump/timingbeltkit from Fm
-Exedy Pro clutch kit with a daiken clutch slave cylinder
-All fluids Including transmission flush and refill and new redline 75w Gear oil for the Diff

I order to fully refresh the motor me and friend decided to pull the motor as a whole all in one go with the transmission.
But before we pulled the motor we decided to do some 'head work" : readjusting the timing and pulling some broken studs out of the head

I deleted my Ac in the process and went on a hunt for the right size belt. Measured it and for some reason it was a half inch off. Thank god advanced return policies are great. Im not sure what other use but i found this one to work:

After all that the motor came out. We started on 10-12-14 at 7am we wrapped up and got the car running by 9pm 10-13-14

Install pics:

Motor mounts were split city so i got new ones too

Took a break to go Quadding on some trails

Cleaned the **** out of everything:

Clutch Assembly:

Name:  20141012_121215_zpsm2uzugu8.jpg
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And a really blurry pic of the car getting finished up:

The car runs great, leagues away from what it felt like before. it feels peppy, free revving. It feels and sounds like its breathing easier. Although Im still only 200 miles into the break in period, i can notice the obvious gain in midrange acceleration due to the new clutch and belts and everything else really. The car has taken on a completely different identity.

Today i managed to get my tires flipped: And no i don't have uneven toe, i run -3.3 in the front and -5.0 in the rear in -camber + i put ridiculous miles on the car, i like to drive.

I also acquired a Mtuned reroute for a great price:

I hope to have a ms3x kit in within the week and assembly will begin as soon as it shows up at my doorstep.
All of the above work was getting the cat prepped for its first track day at lebanon raceways on the 17th. Hopefully i learn something.
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