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Originally Posted by linuxbox View Post
...? How? thats not where I bought my kit. I was just proving that they do go for ~ $1600
Listen is not like we decided to bust your ***** for no reason. Greddy Kits go from $400(used)-$1.3K (new). Everyone knows that the components, apart from the turbo mani, and dp, of the Greddy arent of the highest quality. Your car is over priced thats all. Someone suggested a reduced priced and you came out swinging. Then someone else tries to give you pointers in how to write an attractive "For Sale" add and you spat on his face. I agree that the only way your gonna sell that car AT that price is if some ricer comes along and reads Greddy. You should listen to what we're trying to tell you instead of acting up.

Take a look at this FS, so you know where you stand


If you want to want to squeeze the most $ out of the mods that you have then try your luck parting out. Otherwise IMHO i would say ask $4k and expect $3k-$3.5k. If you want to take the advice youre welcome to do so if youre gonna reply some bullshit insult then U!

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Someone tried to give me tips and I came out swinging? way to spin that one! my thread got **** on, and it pissed me off. If you're not interested in the car, go **** elsewhere.
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(real advice: part your car out if you're interested in actually getting more than half your price)
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making notes of all the juveniles who are not being constructive in other people's for sale threads.

linuxbox, if you want to repost a new for sale thread, go for it. I wont let the crappage happen again.
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that doesn't mean i wont!
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