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Originally Posted by Scrappy Jack View Post
Good grief. What sort of plan is that and did they do individual ratings or something? Is that a family plan? My insurance wouldn't cost that much if I picked up the employEE and employER portions.

I just went back and checked my figgers to be accurate. For health insurance only (not dental or vision) on myself only (my wife makes her own chedda and has her own health plan):

2010 -> 2011: My monthly premiums went up 7% vs prior year
2011 -> 2012: My monthly premiums went up 6% vs prior year
2012 -> 2013: My monthly premiums went down 27% vs prior year*

My employer's share actually increased 18%, 6%, and 7% respectively.

* In 2013, I switched from an HMO style plan with an Flexible Spending Account to a High Deductible Health Plan with a Health Savings Account.

The most I paid (2012) was about $75/month.

I really wonder if it is the difference between working for a company that (A) looks out for its people and (B) has thousands of employees and (C) has management that knows how to handle finances and negotiate benefits.

I just did the maths and my employer has been paying between 80% - 90% of the health insurance tab. Note to self: remember to give management a high five.
It's an employer-funded HRA plan. And that IS for two people.

But yeah... i'm still not terribly pleased. It's about $100/check right now for the same two people, same plan, and twice the employer HRA contributions.

If i'm quite honest, i don't NEED this particular plan, but for the moment, i'm going to keep it for at least one more year because it offers a lot of stability in that there's already enough built up in the HRA (carries over year to year) to cover our deductible and OOP for the next two years in case we each happen to have terrible accidents in 2014 and 2015. While i'm gearing up to buy a house, i don't particularly want to have to worry about a high deductible hitting all at once.

I realize it will likely cost more in the long run, but it's easier to plan in advance when you remove variables.

That said... pretty much all of our plans increased a large amount. It seems my employer stuck us with the plan cost increases, plus some. I think at this point, i'm covering around 50-60% of the plan.
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The company I work for (Hospital Corp.) just rolled out our 2014 plans, they are dropping all part time employees from being offered company sponsored healthcare plans. What they will also lose now is the ability to participate in an FSA to have pretax money deducted for healthcare costs. It is deducted pretax so if they can't buy insurance they can't deduct for FSA either.
I've searched but it doesn't appear that you can participate in FSA if you are in the healthcare exchange either, don't see how since it has to be deducted from your check.
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I wonder if the company or govt. thought of this? If they can't use an FSA for the $2500/yr. pretax they will lose > $500 for most of them.
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