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Originally Posted by driftnething View Post
thanks for the info

I am now wondereing about the speed of which the water is pushed around the system ? I'm thinking too slow might lead to a build up of heat in the cooler and too fast might not give optimum heat exchanging ?

By the way Ferdi - thanks for the pic it looks really good Can you get aftermarket inlet manifolds for the protege ?
I found as fast as possible is best, the air is travelling at a hell of a rate so you need cold water in there as quick as possible.

Unfortunately I managed to kill my original Mezier pump, (which was the dogs dangalies) and couldn't source a new one quick enough so lumped for a Davies Craig pump. It was good, but not as good...
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Instead of using the stock rad for your watercooler, I would get either an oil cooler or tranny cooler and use that instead. This way you don't have to tax your current rad and also get cooler temps for your WC.
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The "A/C radiator" is called a condenser. It has a very small internal volume and a very restrictive flow. To function reasonably well the water to air I/C requires a large volume of cool water. This means an automotive-style radiator in front of your stock automotive-style radiator. This may cause airflow/efficiency problems for both units. But you are in a cool climate so those challenges might be tempered a bit.

Often Water/Air I/Cs implement a reservoir for the cooled water to increase cooling capacity and to ensure a ready supply for the pump. Capacity increases will aid in reducing heat soak, but will add weight.

You will also need to consider a fail safe switching device and thermostatic switch that cuts out your boost to preserve your engine. It could either monitor your air temp leaving your cooler or the water temp entering it. If the engine inlet air temperature goes too high due to an inadequate transfer of heat in your cooler, you can destroy your engine.

You should compute the amount of heat you will be creating with your potato at your max CFM (M2sec or whatever) and PR. Then determine the efficiency of the intercooler (Mfg. should publish that info) then determine the volume of water you will be using and finally the ability of the radiators to transfer that heat away form the system. This should tell you how many minutes (or seconds) you have under boost before you exceed the capacity of the system.

That appears to be a rather small diameter air/water I/C. What is the published pressure drop across it? That may be important.

You may notice some dissenters on this forum regarding a/w I/Cs because of the added weight, expense, efficiency loss, cost, complexity, and the addition of several new points of failure that could cost you your engine's health. But don't let that stop you.

Do search and read some of the previous discussions regarding proposed a/w I/C systems. There are some strong opinions, but good facts and (dare I say it) science.
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Hi there.

I have been researching charge cooling for my 5's turbo conversion. I came across your old post . How did it work out in the end? How did the setup perform and have you got any pics of the install I could see?


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