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Default Clocking Garrett 2560

First off, I've done quite a few searches and have tried all the solutions provided on them. I'm in the middle of the install at the moment and need some more help than what I've gotten from the threads so far.

I'm trying to get my oil drain line pointing down at 6 o'clock and have loosened the bolts on my compressor housing and can freely rotate my compressor housing. However, the center housing (the middle piece with oil drain) will not move no matter what force I place on it. It seems that the other threads suggest that the compressor housing and center housing usually move together once loosened. I've loosened the other end but cannot remove it as I have 2 bolts that are being blocked by the oil drain from the center piece.

I've been hitting it with a rubber mallet, but am pretty afraid of breaking something in there.. Should I just be using a bit more force to loosen up the center piece?
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Sorry,I have no first hand experience but try checking out a disassembly video on YouTube?
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You need to loosen the bolts on the turbine housing, and use some needlenose pliers to squeeze the large snapring on the compressor housing while you try to rotate the CHRA. It can be difficult without the right tool. I ended up buying some huge angled needlenose from Harbor Freight and grinding a slanted edge into the tips a little to grip inside the snapring holes better. Don't even try it with a small set of needlenose, you will hate life.

EDIT:Ignore me, I misread the post so i think my advice is not helpful

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Remove the oil drain. Remove all bolts (4?) in the exhaust housing. Using a rubber mallet, carefully hit the exhaust housing until it comes off. Put it back together with the exhaust drain facing downwards. Put the bolts back in.
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you need penetrating oil and heat
most likely heat. to break the chra loose from the hotside
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I used a (6 ft) pry bar. Prying between a block of wood and side of the oil drain.

You could probably use something smaller. But this was convenient. lol

No damage to any components.
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What condition is this turbo in? I originally bought a heavily used turbo and was unable to separate or clock the components. Even 2 hours of labor at a shop couldn't do it. I ended up tossing it and picking up a newly rebuilt turbo instead.
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When I had a particularly stubborn 2560 before that wouldn't budge, a shop used a bar that they threaded into the oil drain port while the turbine housing was on a vise. This plus heat/torch and tapping with a dead blow hammer eventually allowed us to clock the CHRA.
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Heat, and "gentle" persuasion are your only answer (that, or giving up).
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I had to freeze the turbo, then heat up the outer housing and use a very large pipe to get mine loose. 2 days and it worked awesome, now it moves whenever I want it to.
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