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Default A different take on intercooler routing

Ok so. I want to run my hot side intercooler piping in the common low mounted position to the front mount, and from the cold side piping through the over the radiator hole and into the throttle body. To me this routing makes the most sense besides 1 small problem, getting an intercooler with proper in/out placement.

The Evo X has proper placement, but all the affordable and plentiful intercoolers are massive. Like 3.5" thick core, 2.75" in/out, 20x12 core. If I measured correctly this would just barely squeeze behind the bumper on an NA. Some of the stock ics are much smaller but don't seem to get sold all the time.

Alternatively there is this IC. Slightly more reasonably sized, but one of the outlets needs to be turned 90*. I'm confident that I'm good enough at welding that I could flip the outlet on this, but it would be a bit hinky.

Or I could spend $700-900 and pay Bell or Full Race or someone like that to make me a custom intercooler. It would have a better core, and fit correctly. I could make one myself, but I'm still not that great at welding aluminum.

Or an I being stupid and should just run over the rad or around the bottom. I really dont want to run around the bottom because the tb side pipe seems really convoluted.
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That seems like a good idea and simple enough to fix. I would imagine what you are going to find is you will find an inter cooler that fits really well on one side and not the other. I would find an inter cooler that meets all your needs except for the one side. Make sure it is the width you and height and thickness then just have the other end welded closed and ad the additional piece you need. If you can mock up the one side before you go to the welder you will save yourself a trip and some money. I have found that most welders are reasonably priced some of the local guys to me are very very expensive but I have found a guy that is very reasonable and I use him a lot.
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Take the CX Racing one, put 90s on both ends (or 90 degree couplers) and go over the radiator with both. Just make sure the core is short enough to give a little room to work with under the upper radiator support. My old FM core is really tall and it made the cold side pipe a little bit of a pain to fit, BUT it won't blow off anytime soon.
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