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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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very nice build indeed. I too made my own SGDP but out of mild steel. I wish I could weld that good LOL.

Are you planing on putting an exhaust tip on it? If not you might want to extend your tail pipe a little. In one picture it apears to be sitting a little to far under the car, and you will burn the rear bumper cover.
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When the picture was taken the part of the cat was not in the spot where it is now. It sits right where i want it.
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Default Completion of exhaust

Well finally done with it. Got the hangers welded on and painted with high temp paint.

Heres how i bent the exhaust hangers ( anvils ftw )

Name:  P5180025.jpg
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I decided the best route to make sure the hangers would fit is to weld them while they are attached ( yes i can weld underneith a car )

Name:  P5180026.jpg
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Name:  P5180028.jpg
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Heres what ive seen lots of people doing on there exhaust builds so i decided to do it too

Name:  P5180030.jpg
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After i welded them up pretty solid i pulled it out and put the final welds on her

Name:  P5180032.jpg
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Name:  P5180033.jpg
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I decided to move the heater line a bit to give my downpipe some room

Name:  P5180035.jpg
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Little bit more!
Name:  P5180036.jpg
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Ahh **** too much. Its pinched now . Gives me a reason to pull off the manifold to make a better one. Also gonna clean out them combustion chambers for some ponies

Name:  P5180037.jpg
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Heres the video. Enjoy

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Good job brother!
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Very nice work. Thinking about doing the same thing sometime soon. What downpipe flange is that? What does the greddy use, its very odd.
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Incredibly impressed with both your welding and your work.
XSPower exhausts have worse welds than yours, you done a proper job there.
May I ask if you have a JPG/BMP/etc of your td04 downpipe flange/mounting?
I'm doing a similar project over the summer and was hoping to ease myself from some of the drawing
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