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Smile Information on Miata and Turbo choices.

Let me start out by saying this: I don't own a miata ... yet. I would like to buy one, it's just that I'm so utterly ignorant on the topic of modding that I should be shot. Yet I'm not. I own a 1987 Prelude Si, and my Dad owns a Mazdaspeed 3 - all manual - so my driving experience is not lacking on power. Yet, I come humbly to you and ask what year you recommend, and turbo; and how would I come about this slightly daunting task of redoing the differential and etc. My father, though I'm turning 33, knows a grand more than I do and can help me install whatever needs to be installed.
Also, should I get a supercharger or just a turbo?

Let me know,
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Default has a good summary of the changes by year:

Basically it comes down to what is your priorities and what is important to you. What are your goals? If you want the lightest Miata, stay early NA. If you like a particular body style start there. When it comes to turbo or supercharging, the main consideration is if you have to pass some sort of emissions check. If so, what type? Are you willing to pull it apart every two years? (To some degree or another)

There are positives and negatives for every year but none that can't be worked around.
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One choice is........................ If you really want to start with a turbo'd Miata, look for a 2004-2005 Mazdaspeed (MSM). It is factory turbo'd and will get you started while still having a factory OEM car. Once you drive that for a short time and want MORE, you can start modding it. Some here hate that idea, but you sound like you want a turbo Miata right from the start. Just is just an option...
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I bought my msm because I wanted turbo and still be able to pass emissions. In retrospect, my priorities have changed and now I want a better turbo miata setup. The only real downfall to buying the msm first is you basically are shelling out a lot more for what you already did. I could have found a 99+ miata for half what i paid for my msm and turboed it myself. Saving some money. But I like the exclusivity and rarity of my car so I'm glad I adopted it. Now that I'm on a stand alone etc I kinda threw the whole emissions thing out of the window. But all I have to do to pass is just swap back injectors and ecu.
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If you're ignorant about modifying cars and buying miatas just start reading... Lots of good information on here and on and even in some old fashioned wood fibre based technologies called books.
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