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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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A Basic MS2 is $630 shipped from me, and will work great for a low budget build.
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Originally Posted by Reverant View Post
A Basic MS2 is $630 shipped from me, and will work great for a low budget build.
There you go, a deal! I think I paid around 800 for mine.
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@mmmjesse Awesome! Thanks for the tip. That's a heck of a lot cheaper than anything else I could find online. Does the wideband have a narrowband passthrough that will keep the stock ECU happy if I plug it in place of my stock o2? I know the correct answer is "don't use the stock ECU" but curious minds and all that.

@Reverant Thank you for the offer. I'll do some looking into how much is required to get an MS2 working for this application and evaluate my budget. The way it's been explained to me by my local buddies who have tuned old cars like this is that it's nearly impossible to successfully tune a car from scratch for all scenarios. Launching, slow take-offs, going from WOT to cruising, cruising to WOT, all of those switchovers, different idle scenarios, etc. and is a huge advocate of the "tangled mess of FPUs and a wideband to make sure nothing breaks. Oh, and E85 with water injection." school of thinking, which I have all the parts for lying around.

Anyways, here's the latest idiocy:

Got rid of the completely trashed charcoal canister, going to put a catch can in there for idiotic reasons. They look cool and I'm vain.
Been driving the car around naturally aspirated. No wonder I wanted to turbo it, these things are tragic. Myoil return line right now goes down into the dipstick tube hole since I couldn't find a drill/drill bit combo that could make a hole large enough for the fitting I've got and also fit in the space I have to work with. Of course, the hardware store was out of the size I really needed so I might do some driving around to find one. Using the dipstick tube works really well, though, once I figured out my routing. Almost makes me wish it was still possible to find the modified dipstick tubes that came with some Miata turbo kits and were designed specifically with a shallow-angle tee off for turbo oil returns.

Ordered the necessary silicone fittings and some vinyl to wrap my trashed driver's door, because aesthetics are important to vain people. Considering painting my wheels and front lip day-glo orange because this car has jumped the shark loooooong ago.
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Originally Posted by 100percentjake View Post
My buddy seems wary of wideband sensors, says they seem to always fail him in some way or another after 6 months or so.
Mount them between 3 and 9 o'clock. Also, interesting for an advocate of bandaids to be suspicious of the only thing that lets you set them up to not kill your engine. Perhaps the sensor sees lean under boost and decides to take its own life.
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