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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Default making turbo mani/dp from stock parts?

Has anyone tried making an exhaust manifold and downpipe by modifying the stock header stuff? I'm just starting a budget T3 build, and I have no choice but to go very inexpensive to start out.

I tried searching, but haven't found anything on this.

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People use the stock flange but that is it. You can buy the weldels pretty darn cheap and make your own turbo flange in order to build a log manifold that will hold up better than the materials the stock header are made of. Like I said though people only use the flange for that type of setup.
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there is a thread on here somewhere taht has pics of someone taking a stock manifold/header and mounting a turbo right past the collector.. but it is a far from ideal setup.. What i did was get a used stock manifold (for free just paid shipping from a member here) i cut off the pipes just to get the flange, then purchased some 1.25 (1.5 inch will work as well) butt weld elbows.. if you are searching for them thats what they are more normaly called... a lot of people call them weld ell's but what they are are pipe fittings that are made to be welded together... i beleive i got schedual 40.. You can get the tees as well, and the assembley is very simple and stong, i oppted to make my own tees from some pipe..

Here is what i ended up with..

total cost less than 40$

Name:  DSCF4660.jpg
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hope this helped
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If money's that tight, should you really be turboing your car at all?
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Sure al, I have been building my kit on a low budget, sure it has taken over a year.. but you can get and build quality parts cheaply, just have to be patient..
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I dont really advise doing it if you don't have the cash to to do it right and safely. If you are just doing it in pieces, make sure you are certain what you are making will work. In my eyes, turboing a non-stock turbo car is asking for problems if you dont have enough experience and time to do it right. You kind of have to be able to have a second car at times when unforseen things happen which you cannot just fix immediately. With that said, good luck on your build, we are all here to help.
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If you decide to go this route, I highly advise having a professional weld the manifold. I'm sure you can have this done for 100-150 dollars. This piece of hardware takes the most abuse in a turbo system and you don't want to be taking it off every weekend to have it re-welded. Just ask braineack about his poorly built log manifold.
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buy the manifold on ebay. that's a deal. 1.6 t3 tubular.
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Default Home made mani

I'm in the process of putting together a turbo kit.

I tried to make a manifold from an existing one but it wasn't very satisfactory. So I've started to make one from eli bends and tubing.

This is progress so far. (Sorry about quality digi cams bust - this is from phone.)

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It is labour and care intensive as now I have reached this stage the tacking ha to come apart and the impossible to reach parts welded up including the inside of the collector and then rebuilt.

I've also done a twin feed fuel rail and made an adjustable FR.

Name:  Image001.jpg
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Whatever you decide on Scott hope it works out for you.

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